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2011 Ktm 450 SX-F EU 450 SX-F USA repair manual PDF

Complete service repair workshop manual for the:

Ktm 450 SX-F EU  , Ktm 450 SX-F USA

2011 Ktm 450 SX-F EU 450 SX-F USA repair manual PDF

This is the same manual motorcycle dealerships use to repair your bike. Manual covers all the topics like: Chassis number,OllFORK, TRIPLE CLAMP,Assembling,Hot start lever,frame,shock,Assembling the piston rod ,EXHAUST,AIR FILTER ,boot,FUEL TANK, SEAT, TRIM ,MASK, FENDER,front whee,tire condition ,air pressure,rear wheel,chain tension,chain dirt accumulation,main fuse,battery,charging voltage,front brake linings,brake linings,engine,shift leve,oil filter,camshaft,water pump cover,force pump,shift shaft,shift drum,WORK ON THE INDIVIDUAL PARTS, water pump,oil pressure regulator valve ,cam levers ,starter drive,clutch,crankshaft,primary gear ,rotor,valve cover,CARBURETOR ,carburetor,CLUTCH,LUBRICATION SYSTEM,IGNITION SYSTEM,engine oil,FORK ,Storage,Service schedule ,WIRING DIAGRAM , etc.

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 2011 Ktm 450 SX-F EU 450 SX-F USA WIRING-DIAGRAM page 1

  •  Components:
    A15 CDI controlier
    GI0 Battery
    G20 Alternator
    KI0 Starter relay with mai n fuse
    MlO Starter motor
    T20 Voltage regulator
    521 Electric starter button

 2011 Ktm 450 SX-F EU 450 SX-F USA WIRING-DIAGRAM page 2

  • Components:
    A15 CDI controller
    810 Throttle position sensor circuit A
    B37 Crankshaft position sensor
    R51 Ignition coil (cylinder 1)
    S20 Ki II switch
    X280 Connector, ignition timing map
    X281 Connector, ignition timing map
    Cable colors:
    bl Black
    br Brown
    bu Blue
    gn Green
    gr Gray
    Ibu Light blue
    or Orange
    pk Pink
    pu Violet
    rd Red
    wh White
    ye Yellow

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