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2013 KTM 205 EXC-F,250 EXC-F SIX DYAS EU AUS USA Repair manual pdf

Complete service repair workshop manual for the:

  • 2013 KTM 205 EXC-F EU
  • 2013 KTM 205 EXC-F EU AUS
  • 2013 KTM 250 EXC-F SIX DYAS EU
  • 2013 KTM 250 EXC-F SIX DYAS  USA

This is the same manual motorcycle dealerships use to repair your bike. Manual covers all the topics like: FORK, TRIPLE CLAM.Checking the fork legs,Assembling the cartridge,Removing the spring, Assembling the seal ring retainer ,Checking the steering head bearing play,Adjusting the basic position of the clutch lever ,Installing the engine guard ,Adjusting the riding sag , Disassembling the damper , Bleeding and filling the damper,Removing the manifold ,Removing the air filter,Changing the fuel screen,Installing the front fender,Checking the tire air pressure,Front wheel,Checking the chain, rear sprocket, engine sprocket and chain guide,Changing the fuses of individual power consumers,Adjusting the basic position of the foot brake lever,LIGHTING SYSTEM, INSTRUMENTS, Preparations, Removing the timing chain tensioner ,Removing the shift forks ,Work on the left section of the engine case,Measuring the piston/cylinder mounting clearance,Measuring the piston/cylinder mounting clearance,Installing the crankshaft, CLUTCH, Refilling coolant,Checking the spark plug connector ,ELECTRIC STARTER , THROTTLE VALVE BODY, Electrical system,Service schedule,etc.


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