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2013 ktm 450 EXC, 450 EXC SIX DAYS, 450 XC-W, 500 EXC,500 EXC SIX DAYS,500 EXC,500 XC-W repair manual pdf

complete service repair workshop manual for the:

  • 2013 ktm 450 EXC EU 
  • 2013 ktm 450 EXC SIX DAYS AUS
  • 2013 ktm 450 XC-W EU
  • 2013 ktm 500 EXC AUS
  • 2013 ktm 500 EXC SIX DAYS EU
  • 2013 ktm 500 EXC USA
  • 2013 ktm 500 XC-W USA


This is the same manual motorcycle dealerships use to repair your bike. Manual covers all the topics like: Service-Informations General Information Removing And Refitting The Engine Disassembling The Engine Servicing Individual Components Assembling The Engine Electrical Trouble Shooting Technical Specifications Periodic Maintenance Schedule Wiring Diagrams ,etc.

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1. Ktm exc eu,exc six days wiring diagram page 1


  • All EFI control unit
    F2 Fuse
    G10 Battery
    KID Starter relay with mai n fuse
    M 10 Starter motor
    521 Electric starter button

2. Ktm exc eu,exc six days wiring diagram page 2


  • All EFI control unit
    G20 Alternator
    K12 Light relay
    K30 Power relay
    T20 Voltage regulator
    X295 Diagnostics connector

3. Ktm exc eu,exc six days wiring diagram page 3


  • 832 Fuel tank sensor
    833 Radiator fan temperature switch
    F4 Fuse
    F25 Fuse
    M14 Radiator fan
    P24 Low fuel warning lamp
    X285 Connector for radiator fan

4. Ktm exc eu,exc six days wiring diagram page 4


  • 870 Wheel speed sensor, front
    F3 Fuse
    P13 Speedometer
    S36 Tripmaster switch (optionall)

5. Ktm exc eu,exc six days wiring diagram page 5


  • B76 Brake light switch, front
    B77 Brake light switch, rear
    E13 Low beam, high beam
    E60 License plate lamp
    P15 Horn
    P23 High beam indicator light
    P35 Parking light
    P36 Brakeltaillight
    S22 Light switch, horn button, kill switch

6. Ktm exc eu,exc six days wiring diagram page 6


  • K20 Turn signal relay
    P21 Turn signal indicator light
    P41 Turn signal, front left
    P42 Turn signal, front right
    P45 Turn signal, rear left
    P46 Turn signal, rear right
    525 Turn signal switch

7. Ktm exc eu,exc six days wiring diagram page 7


  • All EFI control unit
    851 Lambda sensor (cylinder 1)
    F1 Fuse
    M13 Fuel pump
    M51 Injector (cylinder 1)
    R30 CAN-bus terminating resistor 1
    P25 FI warning lamp (MIL)
    X295 Diagnostics connector

8. Ktm exc eu,exc six days wiring diagram page 8


  • All EFI control unit
    BID Throttle position sensor circuit A
    B12 Intake air temperature sensor
    B21 Engine coolant temperature sensor (cylinder 1)
    826 Rollover sensor
    B37 Ignition pulse generator
    B41 Manifold absolute pressure sensor (cylinder 1)
    R51 Ignition coil (cylinder 1)
    S51 Map-Select switch for riding mode (optionall
    S55 Map-Select switch for basic setting (optionall

Cable colors:

  • bl Black
    br Brown
    bu Blue
    gn Green
    gr Gray
    Ibu Light blue
    or Orange
    pk Pink
    pu Violet
    rd Red
    wh White
    ye Yellow



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