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2013 Munich Bauma Caterpillar lineup of exhibitors

Caterpillar leadership position on a global scale, except that reflected in higher sales and market share, as reflected in the the Munich BMW exhibition games in 2013, the Caterpillar combined with its German dealer Zeppelin (Zeppelin)won a total of more than 12,000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 70 devices on display, including many published for the first time, vividly reflects the style of the global Champions.

An excavator Excavator (excluding mine)
This exhibition Caterpillar excavator models include crawler excavators: 300.9D, 301.4C, 301.7D, 301.7D CR 302.2D, 302.4D, 302.7D CR, 305E CR, 305.5E CR 308E2 CR , 312EL, 318EL, 320E L, 323EL, 325DLN CCU, 329E LN, 336E H HYBRID, 349E VG;

Wheeled Excavators: M316, M313D, M318D, M318DMH M318EL, M322D MH.

Which highlight is the debut of the hybrid excavator 336E H HYBRID

Second, the loader (excluding mining loader)
Participating loader models: 906H2, 908H2, 930K, 938H CCU, 938K, 950K, 966K XE, 980K.

Which highlights participated in last year Intermat exhibition with the the 966K XE loader advanced powertrain and the debut of the latest 988K Loader, Caterpillar said it also provides higher the ultimate emission standards are metfuel efficiency.

Third, the bulldozer
Exhibitors bulldozer D4K 2XL, D6K2 LPG, D6T2 XW VPAT, D7E.
The highlight of last Munich Bauma exhibition landmark electric drive bulldozer: D7E,

Road equipment (pavers, rollers, milling machine)
Exhibitors road equipment paver 3: the AP255E and AP300D AP555E; roller models: CB14B, CB24B CB34B XW, CW34, CD44B CD54B CS66B CP68B; milling machine is a: PM200.

Which highlights new products AP300D not introduced here.

Fifth, mining equipment
Caterpillar’s global mining sector each invested a lot of energy in Las Vegas, the world’s largest mining equipment exhibition the MINExpo last year, Caterpillar has just participated in the 2013 Munich Bauma mining equipment lineup is relatively small, only exhibited mine dump truck: 777G and 775G DCA4; 1 large and mining excavator: HMS 6020B; 3 loaders: 988G CCR, 988K and 992K.

The bright spot is the first release 6020B large mining excavators and the first release the 775G DCA4 of mine dump truck, 6020B Operating weight 220 tons heavy, new models of the Dortmund plant, Caterpillar claimed that the machine uses a simple, reliabledesign, single-engine configuration to ensure excellent efficiency with new state-of-the-art cab with unparalleled vision, modular structure provides excellent maintainability, and 777G form the best match.
6, articulated trucks
The exhibition, Caterpillar exhibit only a articulated truck: 740B, this product debut in 2011 Conexpo

Seven, Backhoe
A total of the two Caterpillar backhoe attended the exhibition: 444f and 432f, 444f debut.

8, skid steer loaders
A total of Caterpillar skid steer loaders debut in this exhibition: 226B3 and 299D XHP, before existing model.

Nine other products
In addition to the eight categories of equipment described above, Caterpillar also exhibited the following machine and tooling products: 120M2 all-wheel drive grader TH407C telescopic forklift, hammer, hydraulic shears, plate compactor, multi-adjustable bucket tooling products.

Caterpillar in 2013 Munich the Bauma equipment lineup can be described as luxurious, the European market for Caterpillar, second in size only to strategic markets in North America, Moreover, Munich Bauma is without a doubt the world exhibition, Caterpillarinvested considerable worth it!



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