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2013 the world’s largest construction machinery exhibition, bauma in Munich will be opened immediately

Touted as the world’s largest construction machinery exhibition — bauma 2013 will soon be opened in Munich, although the economy is still bad, but this BMW exhibition will still be more than other, the total reached 57 square meters booth area, including 16 pavilions interior display area of 18 square meters, the outdoor area of 39 sq m. From 57 countries more than 3400 exhibitors will showcase their latest products.

Learned, exhibitors hosts Germany number up to 1366, followed by Italy, in 481, China ranked third, with 323, row in the back was followed by the United States, Turkey, Britain, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Austria. In addition to the traditional to the United States and China, the newly emerged bauma Munich basic is Europe’s one of the world.

Visit Munich BMW exhibition is expected to exceed the number of successive, estimates within the 7 days rolling is going to more than 450000 visitors. Repair-guidebook.com will send officials to Munich to attend this event, to bring us fresh live coverage.

CAT 336 e H hybrid excavator, 6020 b mine 988 k wheel loader, excavator, liebherr TA240 stars such as the product is to the public for the first time, CAT966K XE, liebherr R9400 such product for the first time at bauma, more advanced technology will be mild spell at the show. Can have a chance to visit this exhibition is a blessing.

Are now ready to work has been completed, let us know it in advance through a set of images.

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