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2013 World’s top ten ranked tramcar

Here to introduce you to the world’s largest mining engineering machinery vehicle:

The first ten: KOMATSU830E


KOMATSU 830E-AC to AC-driven mining trucks, standard tires 40.00-57, optional 46/90R57, the maximum speed of 60km / h, unladen weight 158 tons, fuel tank capacity of 4542 liters. Length × width × height: 14.4m × 7.3m × 6.9m, total power: 1865kW (2537 hp) / 1900rpm, rated load: 222 tons, trunk volume: 147 m3.

Ninth:BELAZ – 7531


BELAZ7531 is relatively new models, the current version is 75310, AC drive, turning radius of 15 meters and a maximum speed of 64km / h, can be matched shovel bucket capacity of 30-45 cubic meters of installed equipment. Length × width × height: 13.4 m × 8.1 m × 6.7 meters, the total power: 1864kW (2536 hp), rated load: 240 tons, trunk volume: 141 m3.

Eighth: Sany SET230 electric wheel dump truck


SET230 is thirty-one mining machine dump truck independently developed new models, the maximum loading capacity of 230t.

Seventh: Detroit [] Detroit 16 v – 4000 and Cummins (Cummins) QSK60 – L

Detroit [] Detroit 16 v - 4000 and Cummins (Cummins) QSK60 - L

Detroit [Detroit] of 16V-4000 and Cummins [Cummins] The QSK60-L, are 16-cylinder, the same power, the use of electric drive mode. The main technical parameters: Dimensions: 14.2m × 7.9m × 7.0m; Maximum power: 2739 hp [2013kW]; Rated load: 256t; Dry weight: 180t; trunk volume: 148m3.

Sixth:Hitachi Construction Machinery-EH5000


Hitachi EH5000 using Siemens AC drive technology, equipment DetroitDieselw/DDECIV16V-4000 (with Detroit 4000 series) or CumminsQSK60-L engine, maximum power are 2014kW, peak torque of 10930Nm and 10630Nm, use 53/80R63 tire, the maximum speed of 67km / h, rated load reached 286 tons. Eh5000 with diesel trucks – electric system includes a generator, two rectifiers, two peak power of 1.6MW AC motor, the brake resistor and associated control systems. AC motors without brushes, so than DC motors reduce maintenance costs.

Fifth:KOMATSU (KOMATSU) – 930 e


KOMATSU-930E, load capacity up to 300 tons, the use of MTU16V396TB44 engine (1973W). AC transmission, fuel tank capacity 5300 liters, standard tires 53/80R63, maximum travel speed of 64.5km / h, 506 tons gross vehicle weight

Fourth:TEREX/UNITRIG-MT5500 mining dump truck


MT5500 mining dump trucks are TEREX / UNITRIG top models in this product line, a huge body ranked third in the world, second only to LIEBHERRT282B and CATERPILLAR797B, maximum load of up to 326 tons, also uses electric drive, power up to 2014KW.

Third: Caterpillar 797F

Caterpillar 797F

Caterpillar 797F equipped with a displacement of Cat C175-20ACERT 106L diesel engine, the maximum power ratio 797B increased 333kW, has 2983kW (4059 hp) / 1750rpm super power, using a seven-speed transmission, the fuel tank capacity of 7571L, the maximum design speed of 67.6km / h. Maximum gross vehicle mass of 623.7 tons, rated load 363t (400 short tons), the trunk volume stowed (SAE2: 1) 267 cubic meters.

Second: produced by Liebherr-T282B


T282B put on the market in 2004, it uses the Siemens / Liebherr AC drive system, a variety of dynamic configuration, the largest of a diesel engine is DDC/MTU20V4000, V-type 20-cylinder, displacement of 90 liters and weighs 10.5t, torque 14457Nm, , the vehicle is running, engine driven AC generator, the current through the conversion, the driver in the rear wheel hub motors. Maximum speed of 64km / h, empty mass: 230t, maximum load 363t.

First, XCMG production mining dump truck DE400, DE400 is the world’s largest mining dump truck, which is the biggest car on the planet.


XCMG Construction Machinery Research Institute of the production, is currently the world’s largest mining truck load, load capacity of up to 400 tonnes, the maximum speed of 50km / h, Lifting time 24s. The use of advanced AC drive system, electronically controlled high-performance imported green diesel engine, powerful. Box-section frame structure, made ​​of high strength quality alloy steel plates and steel castings manufacturing. Intelligent braking technology to prevent misuse. Ergonomic cab comfort and safety. Vehicle equipped with an automatic weighing system, centralized fire fighting system, fast oiling system, automatic lubrication system and various safety equipment to ensure safe and efficient operation of the vehicle.

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