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4 ways to make your excavator efficient operation in the summer

Summer due to the hot weather, the temperature difference between day and night, for the excavator is also a test, in addition to using the original normal maintenance, we also need to pay attention to the following points to ensure the safety of our excavator can spend the hot summer days.

The heat of summer to the digging machine bath

One, to see if the expiration antifreeze needs to be replaced

Not only the use of antifreeze in the winter, it should be year-round use. Antifreeze has two characteristics: low freezing point, high boiling point. It can not only protect the vehicle cooling system is working properly in the winter, in the summer can also prevent the cooling water boiling to avoid “boil” situation.

Rusty engine cylinder head

In addition, there antifreeze rust, corrosion effect. Because the cooling system, there are metal materials and non-metallic materials. The antifreeze rust, corrosion effects can slow down the aging of the cooling system. In addition, there are waterproof scale antifreeze function. It can reduce the impact of the engine cooling system blockage risk scale circulation pipe. Engine as the device’s “heart”, as the “heart” cool down the antifreeze is particularly important. Original authentic mainstream brands of antifreeze can be used for more than 2000 hours, usually antifreeze only use about 1000 hours. Different brands of antifreeze which contains additives are not the same, can not be mixed.

Second, the choice of grease (butter) to the appropriate

Summer high temperature, the higher the operating temperature of the excavator, the temperature has a great influence on the fluidity of the grease. The temperature rises, the grease becomes soft, so the adhesion is easy to reduce the loss of lubricating grease, resulting in the swing device and the working device lubricity performance. In addition, at higher temperatures, evaporation losses are also easy to make grease increases oxidative deterioration and condensed oil is serious. So to choose a good grease, and never looked like flour choose the same grease.

Worn pin sets


Extreme pressure lithium grease with excellent water resistance, mechanical stability, extreme pressure anti-wear properties, water resistance and pumping, rust and oxidation stability. In extreme operating conditions, to provide the best lubrication and sealing effect for the equipment to meet the equipment needs of different conditions.

Three, to see the tank, hydraulic oil cooler and air conditioner condenser is blocked

After the autumn, winter and spring excavators, these places are very easy to accumulate some hay rotten leaves, catkins fluff such as sorbate. These things to the cooling effect of the water tank, hydraulic oil cooler and air conditioner condenser played a hindrance. Easily lead to engine temperature, hydraulic oil temperature metamorphism, air conditioning and refrigeration effect is not good.

Clogged radiator

In addition, there are some excavators tank cover and radiator Department, sponge damage or loss, resulting in abnormal suction fan, resulting in the tank, hydraulic oil radiator and air conditioning condenser cooling efficiency. To ensure the normal use of mining, should always pay attention to the water table of the number of cells, up to a certain time to take immediate measures to choose the nearest parking shade and idle to cool, careful not to immediately turn off to prevent overheating inside the engine to pull tanks and other accident. Later when the temperature down, in addition to checking whether the lack of antifreeze should check the tension of the situation and fatigue fan belt.

Fourth, wading job, do not let the water over the center of the supporting wheels

Excavator water operations

Summer is the season of rain, if your device is operating in the water, then you should pay attention to the following aspects: when water swept over slewing ring, pay attention to the timely replacement tooth circle of grease (if the sediment mixed the grease, easily exacerbate gear and ring gear wear).

Excavator slewing ring

When water operations, do not make the excavator tilt angle of over 15 degrees (to avoid submerged superstructure, damage the radiator fan); track tensioning cylinders have always elastic (summer rain, mud tanks on the removal, to prevent rusting tanks)

To sum up:

After the end of the day job excavators, should small throttle running a few minutes, then turn off the standby temperature drops. Ruoyin weather and other factors have led to an irresistible excavator parked for a long time, to fill the fuel tank of diesel, the fuel tank to avoid rusting. Remove the battery when parked, the battery in a dry place moisture and keep the surface clean and dry. When the excavator to clean, do not sprinkle water directly onto electrical components, electrical components could result in failure or malfunction.

In addition to the above points, the summer special attention to the vehicle electrical problems. Since the summer heat working environment, will exacerbate the aging equipment. Regularly check whether the line cracking, molt, to avoid unnecessary trouble, so as not to affect the progress of the project.


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