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About Volvo Dynamic Steering system

Remember new innovative applications on the FH Volvo independent front suspension system, good stability even realizing the spectacle of walking a tightrope between two trucks. Now also launched a Volvo technology application innovation – Volvo Dynamic Steering Volvo Dynamic Steering system

On the basis of original traditional hydraulic steering machine, added a motor, its biggest just 25 nm of torque and rotating, at the same time, according to the electronic control unit can have 2000 times per second. These innovative technology greatly improve the driving comfort

System will provide users with perfect in every time to driving experience, for example, if sensor detects the driver of the system is to straight line driving, so the road won’t go to any interference to affect the driver’s driving. Can easily turn when driving at low speed, even if it is vehicle overloading, and in a complex surface, in the test driver before all left a deep impression in the system.


Volvo officials announced the technology of four big advantages

1, when low speed driving, the driver just very small force can also control steering, but also can automatically return.


2, when driving at high speed, the driver control the experience could be focused on speed, also no longer need to constantly fine tune the driver.


3, in the uneven road surface, such as hole or crack, etc, the system will filter out the road bumps, so you don’t need the driver on the road constantly adjusted.


4, have a sharp or a road side wind, self learning system will be detected and automatically adjust, driving safety and comfort will be improved significantly.


In Europe almost two 5 of the truck driver will place such as in the spine, waist, arm will have some occupational disease, the proportion in China will be more high, Volvo trucks of this technology will greatly improve the truck driver’s working conditions. Volvo, the system will into the market in 2013, assembled on Volvo FH, FM and FMX series models.

Low extension is introduced:

We in the government’s official website also saw a similar product, called Servotwin, similar in structure, is improves the accuracy of vehicle steering and comfort.

The application of ZF Servotwin in Mercedes Arcos

The application of ZF Servotwin in Mercedes Arcos

In addition, in the mercedes-benz’s new Aros engineering series of campaigns, there is a application of this system. This should be the first application of this kind of product in the truck.

Volvo trucks in September last year released the new global FH series models, now will introduce world-class innovation Dynamic Steering system technology application, Volvo (Volvo Dynamic Steering). Innovation is in traditional hydraulic steering system, based on the new motor, achieve more precise steering response, for truck drivers to provide more comfortable and more comfortable driving experience.

Volvo dynamic steering system diagram

Volvo dynamic steering system diagram

“The patent technology will provide truck driver under different driving conditions are convenient. In the high speed environment, Volvo dynamic steering system can provide unparalleled directional stability; and under the environment of low speed, high even ZaiChongXing truck, the driver can even use a finger strength could easily keep the direction of the truck.” Volvo trucks in Europe President Claes Nilsson explained.


Volvo dynamic steering system one of the biggest innovation is the new electrical motor on the steering shaft, it work with the truck’s hydraulic steering, only need to 25 nm of torque can be realized to, according to the precise control of electronic control unit (ECU), can achieve thousands of times per second to adjust.

Help drivers easily to Volvo trucks

Volvo dynamic steering technology manager Gustav Neander said: “the system is to provide drivers each steering operation with perfect driving experience. For example, system sensor to recognize the driver will be straight line driving, then the system will ensure that any interference does not affect the driving in the direction of the road. And in low speed while driving, even high ZaiChongXing truck driving in very complex road environment, Volvo dynamic steering system can assist the driver to easily. In the previous involved in system testing truck driver has left a deep impression in the system.”
High performance low all driving conditions
Volvo dynamic steering system four big advantages:
In lower speed, Volvo dynamic steering system can release the pressure of drivers shoulder arm, make sure they are only very small strength can control the steering. System also has automatic return function.
Potholes in irregular surfaces, such as pavement cracks or driving environment, the system will automatically recognize and filter the bumps, so the driver is no longer need a small adjustment on the road constantly.
System in high speed precise control, greatly increasing the direction stability, and can eliminate almost all of the small, so the driver can all focus on control the speed and does not need to constantly fine-tune for direction.
In turn or lateral airflow driving environment, self learning system can detect automatically adjust accordingly immediately, make the driver having to turn the steering wheel and can enjoy Volvo dynamic steering system bring significantly improve driving safety and comfort.
When driving to new era
Volvo aimed at reducing the launch of the most dynamic steering system load vehicle driver occupational disease. Swedish labor Environment agency (the Swedish Work Environment Authority), according to official figures released by the “nearly two 5 truck drivers suffering from back pain, waist and neck, JianBei occupational disease, and Volvo dynamic steering system will be able to greatly reduce the driver operating fatigue degree, in the Work related professions to relieve symptoms.” Gustav Neander pointed out.
Gustav Neander concluded: “Volvo dynamic steering system of heavy vehicle steering performance improve to a whole new technology level, greatly improve the driving comfort and control.”

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  1. Can this steering system be fitted to a 1979 Denning coach and lighten the steering.If so how do i fit it and at what cost

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