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Aeon New Sporty 125 180 TROUBLE SHOOTING

Engine does not start how do

Check Fuel Flow to Carburetor

if N.G→Possible Causes:No fuel in fuel tank,Clogged float valve,Clogged fuel tank cap breather hole

if OK→Spark Test

if N.G(Weak or No Spark)→Faulty Spark Plug,Fouled spark Plug,Faulty CDI unit,Faulty Alternator,Faulty engine stop switch,Poor connection / Broken or shorted wires,Broken or shorted ignition coil

if OK→Cylinder Compression Test

if N.G(Low Compression)→Worn cylinder and/or piston rings,Damaged cylinder head gasket

if OK→Start The Engine

if N.G(Engine starts – Stops)→Auto choke off or damaged,Auto choke power wire,disconnected

Improper adjustment of air screw

if OK→Remove spark Plug And Inspect

if N.G(Wet plug)→Carburetor flooded,Improper adjustment of air screw,Fuel/Air mixture ratio to rich,Auto choke stuck or damaged,Air cleaner dirty

if OK→Poor Performance at Low / Idle Speed

Poor Performance at Low / Idle Speed how do

Check Ignition Timing

if N.G→Possible Causes,Faulty CDI Unit or Pulse generator

if OK→Check Carburetor and Air Screw Adjustment

if N.G→Possible Causes:Faulty CDI Unit or Pulse generator

if OK→Check Carburetor and Air Screw Adjustment

if N.G→Improper Air Screw adjustment

if OK→Check for intake pipe leak

if N.G→Deteriorated insulator O-Ring

if OK→Preform Spark Plug Test

if N.G(Weak or Intermittent Spark)→Loose or disconnected ignition system wires,Faulty spark plug, carbon fouled or wet,Faulty alternator,Faulty CDI unit,Faulty ignition switch,Faulty ignition coil,Faulty pulse generator,Broken or shorted spark plug wire,Faulty engine stop switch

Poor performance at high speed how do

Check Ignition Timing

if N.G→Possible cause:Faulty CDI unit or Pulse generator

if OK→Check Fuel Flow to Carburetor

if N.G(Fuel Flow Restricted)→Lack of fuel in tank,Clogged fuel line,Clogged fuel valve,Clogged fuel filter,Clogged fuel tank breather hose

if OK→Remove Carburetor check for clogged jets

if N.G(ogged)→Clean jets with high pressure air gun

if OK→Check Air Clean Element

if N.G(Dirty)→Clean or Replace air clean element

Loose of power

Raise wheels off of ground and Spin by hand

if N.G(Does not spin freely)→Brake dragging – Adjust brake Drive chain too tight Damaged wheel bearing Wheel bearings need lubricated

if OK→Check Tire Pressure

if N.G(Low tire pressure)→Punctured tire Faulty tire pressure value

if OK→Accelerate Lightly

if N.G(Engine speed does Not increase)→Fuel / Air mixture ratio to rich or lean,Clogged air cleaner element,Clogged exhaust muffler,Fuel flow restriction,Lack of fuel in tank,Clogged fuel valve,Clogged fuel filter,Clogged fuel tank breather hose

if OK→Check Ignition Timing

if N.G→Faulty CDI unit Faulty pulse generator

if OK→Test Cylinder Compression

if N.G(Low pressure)→Leaking head gasket,Worn Cylinder and/or piston rings

if OK→Check Carburetor

if N.G(Clogged)→Clean fuel jets,Clean float valve

if OK→Check Spark Plug

if N.G(Fouled or Discolored)→Clean/Re-gap spark plug,Faulty spark plug,Spark plug is incorrect heat range

if OK→Check for Engine Overheating

if N.G(Overheating)→Wrong fuel type,Fuel/Air Ratio mixture to lean,Use of poor quality or old fuel,Excessive carbon deposits in combustion chamber

if OK→Accelerate or Run at High Speed

if N.G(Knocks)→Worn piston and/or cylinder,Fuel/Air Mixture ratio to lean,Wrong fuel type

Ignition timing to advanced,Excessive carbon deposits in combustion,chamber

Poor Handing  how do

Steering feels heavy

if N.G→Damaged steering bearing,Damaged steering shaft bushing,Bent steering shaft

if OK→One wheel is wobbling

if N.G→Bent rim,Improperly installed wheel hub,Excessive wheel bearing play,Bent swing arm,Bent frame,Excessive wear of swing arm bushing,Bent Axle

if OK→Vehicle pulls to one side

if N.G→Bent tie-rod,Incorrect tie-rod adjustment,Rear tire pressure incorrect,Improper wheel alignment Bent frame


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