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Analysis of principle the loaders RIDE CONTROL

The first thing to note is RIDE CONTROL system mainly consists of the the stable module valve and accumulator.

Said the figure above the red part is stable module valve, the valve block is basically arranged the first frame, the next multiple valve.

On different models of the stable module valve layout position.

Pictured above is the full shape of the valve, this valve Rexroth, currently there are brand PARKER, there are some small factories do integrated valve block, but also to achieve the damping function, but they are notmainstream, the market basically configured to Rexroth PARKER mainstream.

The figure is stable module schematic, we do a simple principle analysis, so that we understand how it works. Figure 1 is a stable module valve, 6 is an accumulator 7 is a boom cylinder, 8 is a multi-way valve.

Accumulator charging: A port then boom big cavity, B port then boom small chamber, T port connected to the fuel tank; multi-way valve into When upgrading the boom, boom cylinder large cavity of oil but also bystabilize the port A of the module, after the check valve of the valve 2 into the accumulator, the first liquid filled in the accumulator.

The red circle portion of the valve in Figure 3 is a solenoid valve, used to control the RIDE CONTROL This function on and off, the illustrated state functions closed state.


The red circle part of the figure is the function mentioned above, on, off solenoid valve 3.

Stable module working condition: when the travel speed reaches the set speed, such as 5km / h, the solenoid valve is energized, the solenoid valve work in the position shown, the accumulator fluid through the solenoid valve to promote the spool2 rightward movement, thus the position of the valve 2 is operated in the illustrated red circle, the large chamber and the accumulator of the lifting cylinder is turned on, the lift cylinder of the small chamber with the tank turned.
Rigid connecting contact of this time, the front frame of the movable arm, the boom and the bucket and down movement with the change of the traffic, when the upward movement of the accumulator oil filled into the large chamber of the boom cylinder, the cylinder from the top , cylinder small cavity fluid back to the tank; charge into the accumulator when the downward movement of the boom cylinder oil, the the tank oil flow into the boom cylinder small chamber, in order to achieve the state similar to floating in the process of moving.

The figure above the red circle part of No. 4 is a relief valve, relief valve opens when the high pressure accumulator unloading, and protect the system from damage.

Red circle part is above said relief valve.

Shown in red above circled portion No. 5 is an emergency vent valve can be achieved manually movable arm down, push the handle to the left, on the large chamber of the boom cylinder oil return, the boom naturally falling.

The red circle part of the above said emergency vent valve 5.



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