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Bobcats latest M Series M-Series skid steer loaders and skid steer loaders old What are the different?

Recently, the world’s most outstanding Bobcat skid steer loaders in China released the latest product M Series S770, which has a strong completeness of applications. Compared to the old pre-S300 is, S770 has a greater lifting force and lifting height, significantly increased hydraulic flow so S770 motivated. S770 belonging to M family, which is also the Bobcats launched in 2011 blockbuster series, representing the highest level of skid steer loaders today. Now, repair-guidebook authors described in detail for the majority of users of the improvements Bobcat M-Series skid loader.

Bobcat S770 skid steer loaders

Bobcat S770 skid steer loaders

Bobcat S300 skid steer loaders

Bobcat S300 skid steer loaders

First, from the naming of view, S300 belonging to K series, “300” represents the rated load, and S770 are the latest Bobcat M series, “770” represents the type of serial number, that is to say from the M series began, the Bobcats slip move loader Model will no longer reflect the load magnitude.

From the appearance of design in terms of the fuselage, M series is more “strong”.

M Series S770 rear door designed to be representative of a wider, and the first use of the back door locking device, which are standard on all M Series models.

New M Series Skid Steer Bobcat Bobcat old M Series

From the shape of the door looks, M series (pictured right) is more open than the K series (left) vision, vision official data given is increased by 30%.

K Series (left) using the front pedal design, and M series (right) due to the reduced bottom edge of the door, the cancellation of the vehicle body front portion of the pedal, only for measuring the lift arm pedal.

Very cute “cat’s ears” that is skid steer loaders lighting system, in a dark environment shouldering an extremely important responsibility. M series (pictured right) on a rounded shape than the K series (left), this is because the outside of the headlight using a solid steel protection. M Series uses a vacuum whole headlight, illumination increased by 50%, night work is quite secure.

Cab aspects

M Series on humane facilities and ergonomic operating experience has been a lot of innovation, which makes the operator feel “do not want to get off” it.

Cab aspects

This is the S300 cab, equipped with ordinary seats, four air conditioning vent, the noise reduction facility requires optional.

S770 cab

In contrast, S770 luxury cab to many: standard adjustable suspension seat, allows the operator to feel comfortable; air conditioning vent to 10, to avoid the phenomenon of spatial temperature difference, the effect of enhancing 35%; more breakthrough yes, cab noise than the K series reduced by 60% to reduce external noise by 50%, which will greatly ensure the operator is no longer subject to the eardrum intrusion.

S770 is equipped with a pressurized cab, you can completely eliminate dust from entering the cab outside, provide a good driving environment for the operator. This is very important because the skid steer loader is often used in cement plants, mines such a harsh environment and the workplace, sealing is an indicator of users are very concerned about. Bobcats not only equipped with a pressurized cab on the S770, all the M series will be this standard.

M series bobcat designers increase the number cab storage cell, the cup holder is added to solve the inconvenience of long, more important is to reduce the security risks, the driver and the M series legroom than K series is more spacious.

In many equipment manufacturers are not as user-installed sound system, this is for security reasons. However, now more and more young people to join the ranks of construction machinery, no music space is to make them unbearable, it also created a number of construction machinery modification family, specifically the installation of audio facilities. With this in mind, the Bobcats designers reserved for the user optional sound system.

Bobcat New M Series Skid Steer

M Series Side glass using Stubbs way open, and K series, compared with less effort.

Bobcat New M Series Skid Steer 2
K series throttle control lever (left) is arranged in the lower right arm, M series (pictured right) when you change the right front, easier any time to adjust.

Bobcat New M Series Skid Steer 1
This is a comparison of emergency escape exit, left for the K series, M series right picture, you can see the quick exits M Series K Series faster than the speed of dismantling, but also easier to install recovery.

“Visceral” aspects
Pipeline “visceral” refers to equipment, parts, hydraulics and other engine most “core” of the site.

M series (pictured right) in the hydraulic quick change on the location of the device made ​​some changes in the design of hydraulic lifting arm inside the tubing so as to better protect the changer was.

M series (pictured right) in the hydraulic quick change on the location of the device made ​​some changes in the design of hydraulic lifting arm inside the tubing so as to better protect the changer was.

M series left corner position of the engine is changed, is transferred to the top of the space, the air filter is now replaced by a square circle K series, and increased centrifugal filter, the filter capacity at 30%.

M Series uses a three-point bracket, while the K series uses a four-point bracket, by contrast, uses three engines stand on noise and enhance stability more step.

M Series radiator cleaning method is more convenient, it can be seen from the graph K series heat sink is used bayonet fixing method, M series uses a strut fixing, maintaining more humane.
Bobcats designers will main element M Series hydraulic system and hydraulic oil tank next to the radiator design, easier routine maintenance.
Vents larger area of ​​the M series, the lowest in the lift arm, the engine cooling area to enhance the thermal performance is further improved.
M Series K series with the internal layout of the pipeline, you can see compared to the K series, M series uses a simplified design, almost no lateral pipeline structure, easier to maintain.

M Series is the latest high-performance equipment 2011 Bobcat provided in M family is now in the show are S850, S750 and S770. Through the above comparison, we have seen M series in operator comfort , safety, ease of maintenance , etc. have done a lot to improve . Specific to the work performance , M series of hard targets in many areas has reached one of the highest levels of the industry .
For example S770 has more excellent driving and boring performance, towing capacity increased by 15% , dumping and faster rotation cycle of 18 %. S770 vertical lift height of 3.35 meters to reach incredible , 23gpm 36.5 standard hydraulic flow and high flow , 3500psi working pressure of the hydraulic provide a strong impetus for the work .

The S850 is a powerful models, 10,008 pounds ( about 4,540 kg ) operating weight , the maximum lifting weight up to 3,950 pounds ( about 1,792 kg ) , the maximum lifting height of up to 12 inches ( about 3.66 meters ) , this machine and other M-Series skid steer loaders , as can respond freely on various occasions .

Bobcats every product there is a lot of configuration options: including 4 control modes ( standard , driving force assistance, advanced control systems, optional lever control ) , in addition, there are more configuration options , including deluxe instrumentation plate, heating and air conditioning , walking control, power type Bobc-Tach attachment mounting system , high flow hydraulic configuration , power management systems.

Each Bobcat skid steer loader has the following standard configuration : Bob-Tach attachment mounting system for easy service interface , high-strength steel tail , enhanced lifting arm, dual-channel cooling system , maintenance-free chain system and other industry’s most good configuration. Bobcat skid steer loaders can provide up to one hundred kinds of attachments to allow them to complete various tasks.

Bobcat M-Series skid steer loader attachment S770 operating parameters :

Model S770 skid steer loader
Series M Series
Rated load 1520kg
Operating weight with the specific configuration of the operating weight please consult your local dealer
Tipping load 3039kg
Maximum lift height

Vertical lift methods
Size and speed
Operating weight 4162kg
Bucket width 1880mm
Cab height 2065mm
Travel speed – low speed 11.4km / n
Travel speed – high speed 19.8km / n
Power 92hp
Type turbodiesel
Fuel tank capacity ( dual fuel tank configuration ) 124.3L (103.1L +21.2 L)
Power management system is included in the SJC configuration
Protection of normal working hours
Spindle lubrication maintenance
Maintenance-free chain box adjustment
Standard configuration
Dual shaft seal to protect the cooling system
Reversing Warning & Control horn fingertip auxiliary operations
After Bob-TachTM patented mounting system work lights
Bobcats truck tire stop protection
Bobcats self-locking control system (BICSTM) hydraulic control Quick Linker
Bobcats Smart FANTM ROPS / FOPS cab structure to improve
Bobcats standard control : pedal / lever operation
Shop / Accessories
Deluxe air suspension seat dashboard ( including free if the start )
Accessory control device to adjust the level of the hydraulic buckets
Bobcats reload mechanical suspension seat models
Bobcats overweight models dynamic type Bob-TachTM
Super Lynx suspended Radio
Heated cab wireless remote control system ( with optional SJC)
Cab with heating and air conditioning controls
Noise control system optional silencer kit
Advanced Control System (ACS) double speed
Optional control lever (SJC)
Annex parameters
Hydraulic system pressure 3500psi
Hydraulic system flow 87.1L/min
High flow hydraulic system (optional ) 138.2L/min
SJC speed control system is contained in the configuration


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