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By the Ukrainian people loved DEGONG loaders

DEGONG DG980 loaders

DEGONG DG980 loaders

DEGONGDG980 loader uses a new generation of energy-efficient Landking II generation engine, air cooled technology, China II emission standards, the failure rate is reduced by 30%, saving more than 10%. Engine hood, duct optimized design, the cooling effect is good.

The DEGONGDG980 loader hydraulic steering system uses a priority-type flow amplifying valve, the use of low pressure low flow high pressure and large flow of pilot oil control steering oil, steering, lightweight, and flexible. Double pump confluence working hydraulic system, and can achieve high single-pump unloading function, improve the operational capacity of the composite, energy efficient. Limit use of hydraulic steering, steering shock and vibration reduction.

Optimization of plant design, reasonable layout hinge point, breakout force, lift force; dust off, jacket structure, to prevent sediment and dust to enter, extend lubrication time and service life; bucket bucket with high wear-resistant steel blade, use life expectancy. Working device configuration single handle pilot control, light effort and comfortable, Bucket automatic leveling. Double circuit brake, low voltage protection, emergency brake parking brake combo, ensure traffic safety operations.

Lifting time is less than the amount set out in 5.62 seconds, three working devices and 11.47 seconds, the same industry leader. Professionally designed pump suction pipe, to avoid pump cavitation erosion, extend pump life and reduce the cost. Machine’s hydraulic system piping, the use of imported high-pressure hose, H-type double sealed, easy to wear protective sleeve tubing installation, long life, ensure the machine without leakage. Standard centralized lubrication systems.

DEGONG DG980 Loader Machine weight 29.5 tons, by finite element analysis, the hinge point on the layout, a reasonable match. Wheelbase of 3.74 meters, 3.6 meters from other manufacturers, job stability. Hinge plate distance, torsion, both for the maintenance of reserve space, while enhancing the overall stability. With domestic first intermediate hinge axis positioning structure and longer life. Shaft in the frame above the floor, and protect it from being wound around the bump, and a unique central location technology, torque loss is small, the kinetic energy to achieve stable transmission.

Full-featured cab, front vision, rear reversing camera; configuration radio, enjoy the joy of work, three-dimensional air heating and air conditioning. Pleasant seasons, humane single handle and arm shelf, so that drivers operate more comfortable. Cab and frame uses damping connections, reducing vibration and bumps, cab insulation, sealing, cutting noise and dust on the driver’s injuries. Using high quality and reliable damping Grammer seat, improved comfort.

After setting the fuel tank, oil tank centered to prevent misuse; external fuel filler for easy refueling. Overall style, streamlined, steel hood, two parts baffle by wheel 180 degrees easily open, wide-angle hood can be opened, a large space, maintenance, overhaul and more convenient. Improved lubrication position, convenient and easy. Main components operational space, convenient maintenance.


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