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CAT crawler MD5150 rig

Caterpillar acquisition of Bucyrus rig product line, first Reed rig after a Terex, Bucyrus, Carter re-unified naming crawler rigs MD5000 series. But now a not originate from the old model of Reed rig, but Carter’s newly developed model, which is the MD5150 MD5000 series.

MD5150 is a top hammer hydraulic drilling rig, the largest hole 6 inches, or 152 mm, maximum hole depth of 31 meters, is ideal for metal mines stepped generous amount of drilling and blasting operations.

Since the new design, the MD5150 is in many ways with the old Reed rig different. The newly designed long-life frame is very sturdy and reliable, and can withstand the pressure and vibration of percussive drilling. With chassis from Carter 315C ensures a low center of gravity and a large enough ground clearance from the 315C chassis also provides a flexible and rapid mobility, maximum speed of 11 km / h, Max.gradeability 35 °.

MD5150 uses a Caterpillar C11 engine as power, 1800 r / min power of 287 kW (385 hp) turbocharged inline 6-cylinder fuel injection engine, the aircraft to meet the Tier 3 emission standards, at an altitude of 2300 meters is not workingloss of power. To save fuel, the engine can be operated in three speeds of 1000, 1500 and 1800 rev / min. In order to meet the high dust drilling, equipped with double air filter.

Rig strong performance from the rock drill, the MD5150 is equipped with a standard rock drill HPR5128 its rated power of 28 kW (37.5 hp), dual hydraulic the variable rotary motor, can produce 1898 Nm (1400 lb-ft) of torque. The rock drill through the use of simple design and high-strength materials to achieve excellent durability, but also facilitate the maintenance and repair. The new drilling machine automatic lubrication system also protects the machine for a long continuous operation. If the user has a higher performance requirements, optional power greater HPR6030 or HPR6832 of rock drill.

MD5150 is equipped with very powerful air compressor, a pressure of 140 pounds maximum flow rate of up to 15.1 cubic meters / minute, drilling operations provide a strong purge gas stream.

In order to improve efficiency, MD5150 rotary switching clubs, rotating shelves can be placed up to six 12-foot or 14-foot drill pipe, can guarantee the deepest drilling depth of 31 meters. The unique design ensures that the rod changing fast, accurate, saving time will improve the efficiency

The MD5150 dust collection is very efficient and very quiet. The working pressure of 100 pounds, compared to conventional dust collector it consumes less power, is also very easy to clean and maintain.

The MD5150 cab from the Carter 349E, provides the operator with a comfortable, secure operating environment. Not only meet the requirements of the ROPS / FOPS cab front window can become an export case of an emergency. The same time, a number of security designed to ensure that the operator can control the situation in a timely manner, and to take measures. More user-friendly design also allows the operator to easily and happily job.

MD5150 with a the intelligent drilling monitoring system, can help you improve the overall drilling efficiency in difficult conditions. It is a hydraulically operated drilling control system that can monitor changes in the rock and in accordance with the hardness of the adjustment of the rock drilling pressure, integrated anti-card drill, anti-plunge, anti-clogging function and drill pipe can improve the overall life .

In addition to intelligent drilling monitoring system, the MD5150 is also equipped with a Caterpillar Monitoring System monitors critical engine system functions, and to keep abreast of the engine health status, to avoid damage to the engine. And installation Product Link ™ system, the system by satellite and cellular network equipment monitoring, in order to maximize equipment utilization, reduce operating costs.

There is no doubt that a combination of Reed rig years of experience and Carter mature parts MD5150 maximum advantage of the power and air volume can achieve faster cycle times and higher productivity and lower operating costs, and byimproved durability and reliability of a variety of mature member, longer equipment life cycle.

In the field of drilling rig Carter was a novice, but the fundamentals are not bad, and there is strong brand appeal and distribution service network support, believe that the MD5150 market prospects are very bright.

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