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Cat low fuel consumption and high performance to provide customers with more value

Recently, Caterpillar (Caterpillar), announced the new Cat 336D2 GC hydraulic excavator grand public. Cat 336D2 GC can be implemented in a variety of demanding applications where high efficiency, and significantly reduce fuel consumption in the fuel-efficient mode, which is designed to provide customers with the best value. Fully optimized structure and extremely rugged chassis system ensures long-term durability of the equipment, the real conditions to verify the components to ensure the reliability of daily operations. Multiple tools extend the product’s versatility, spacious cabin is enhanced operator comfort, convenience and safety. More alternative Cat Connect (Carter Intelligence) techniques to improve the overall efficiency of the machine and the job site security.

Cat 336D2 GC hydraulic excavator

Optimize the design of more efficient fuel

Cat 336D2 GC efficient use of fuel-efficient Cat C9 ACERT? Engine rated at 208 kW, and meet US EPA Tier 2, EU Stage II and China Tier 2 emission standards. Improved filtration system makes the engine even in the case of poor fuel quality is still reliable. Automatic engine speed control function at no load or light load condition is active, can reduce engine speed, thereby minimizing fuel consumption. The new three-level fuel filtration system can effectively remove contaminants contained in the low-grade fuel, minimize downtime and provide the best protection for the engine and fuel system components.

Cat 336D2 GC hydraulic system with dual pump system to provide sufficient pressure to ensure excellent digging performance and productivity. Location of hydraulic systems and components have been designed to provide a high level of system efficiency. In order to improve efficiency and save fuel, electronic pressure sensors can reduce pump flow at light load conditions, while the boom and stick regeneration circuit valve hydraulic oil can be recovered efficiently in order to reduce the load on the pump. The optional auxiliary hydraulic system can operate electric work tools increase versatility.

Durable construction ensures long-term efficiency gains

Cat 336D2 GC sturdy main frame can play excellent performance in the most demanding applications. X-shaped box section the bucket has excellent resistance to torsional bending. Press molding, robot-welded track roller frame provides excellent strength and durability. Durable Cat undercarriage absorbs stresses and provides excellent stability. Cat 336D2 GC comes standard with a grease lubricated track. Track link has been assembled and sealed with grease to decrease internal bushing wear, reduce travel noise and extend service life and reduce operating costs.

After the first link optimization criteria applicable to many different applications. Optimized 6.5 m boom features a large box-section design, made of high tensile strength steel, with internal partitions and an additional bottom fenders, long life and durability. Optimized R6.5 m boom and stick R2.8 m extremely durable, can meet all your application needs.

Tooling equipment more suitable for a variety of conditions

Versatile Cat 336D2 GC can be used in conjunction with a variety of work tools, in order to achieve optimum performance and durability in a variety of operating environments. If you apply different working conditions change, you can use heavy duty bucket, especially at the job site at the same time there is the case of mixed soil, clay, sand and gravel in. Buckets are ideal for heavy load of gravel, sandstone and granite like high abrasion materials. In addition, Cat 336D2 GC can also use a hydraulic ram, grab, multi-purpose processor, ripper, crusher, grinder, hammers and shears, and other work tools.

Comfortable operating environment

Station in accordance with ergonomic design, spacious, quiet and comfortable. It comes with easy-to-read LCD display and monitor important operating information (in 28 languages ​​to choose from), low-effort joystick controls and can be adjusted to accommodate various body operator suspension seat. In addition, filtered ventilation can keep the cab fresh air pressurization device can prevent dust and dirt from entering.

The cab shell sticky rubber mount to the rack, not only reducing vibration and noise, but also improve comfort. Surrounding the use of thick steel bottom, improved cab fatigue and vibration. All glass is affixed directly to the cab, eliminating the need to use the car window frame, so as to expand horizons.

To ensure operator safety, hydraulically actuated lever can lock all hydraulic functions, to prevent accidental movement. Can switch operated on the ground can be used to shut down the engine in case of emergency. Skid plate covers the entire upper structure and storage bins, maintenance personnel can avoid slipping during maintenance. In addition, using a countersunk bolts to reduce the risk of tripping and further enhance security.

Intelligent systems to provide efficient machine management

Cat Connect (Carter intelligence) to improve the efficiency of the job site can intelligently use various technologies and services. By analyzing the data provided by the machine with Cat Connect technology, you can be more comprehensive than ever, in-depth understanding of your equipment and operations. Product Link? Technology enables wireless connection of your device, so you can always get important information about the status of the machine or team performance. Online VisionLink? Interface to track the location of the machine, working hours, fuel consumption, idle time and event code, you can make timely decisions based on the machine, thereby improving the efficiency and productivity of the job site, while reducing operating costs.

Maintenance more convenient

Cat 336D2 GC design and layout of the service technician. Most maintenance can be easily operated from the ground, to ensure fast and efficient completion of the repair and maintenance tasks. On the right side of the upper structure Cat 336D2 GC has the access door, through which can pump maintenance, hydraulic filter, engine oil filter and fuel filter from the ground. You can easily access to the engine radiator, hydraulic oil cooler, intercooler and air-conditioning condenser after left rear door. A reserve tank and drain cock, can be maintained from the ground on the radiator.

Cat 336D2 GC hydraulic excavator specifications

Operating weight: 32,900 kg (72,500 lb)

Rated net power: 206 kW (279 hp)

Maximum digging depth: 7,110 mm (23 feet 4 inches)

Ground maximum extension distance: 10,750 mm (35 feet 3 inches)

Bucket Capacity: 1.64 m3 (2.14 cubic yards)

Maximum hydraulic pressure: 35,000 kPa (5,076 pounds / square inch)

(Double pump) maximum hydraulic flow rate: 2 × 281 l / min (2 × 74 gal / min)

Maximum traction force: 302 kN (67,780 lbf)

About Caterpillar

Nearly 90 years, Caterpillar has been making sustainable progress possible and actively promote change on every continent in the world. Caterpillar to help customers build infrastructure, energy and natural resource development. 2014, Caterpillar and total global sales of $ 55.184 billion revenue, is construction machinery, mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and electric locomotive of the world’s leading companies in the field. The company operating three business segments: resource industry, construction machinery, energy and transport, and to provide financing and related services through financial products division.


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