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Caterpillar 336 e H hybrid hydraulic excavator

BMW Munich show, although has not opened, vendor’s campaign had already begun. As an industry leader caterpillar launched a series of actions to promote, chairman and CEO ober Douglas Herman himself, using video promote their innovation and the concept of sustainable development, one of the biggest bright spot is 336 e H hybrid hydraulic excavator, 336 d and 336 e standard compared the effect of fuel efficiency by up to 25% and 25% respectively, and the concept of hybrid will no doubt make the BMW show striking star.

Caterpillar, 336 e H since its launch last October, has opened in February of this year the order and began shipments in March. Caterpillar says that since its debut that day on, customers have to 336 e H showed great enthusiasm. Have customers even at 336 e H, the 2 days are sent in the order.

Although the caterpillar and not released its hybrid strategy, but claimed that hybrid technology will be extended to other models, there are two models are in progress, they are 336 f d H and 336 H. They 336 e and H in hybrid completely consistent, the difference is in the engine. 336 e H use C9.3 ACERT engine emission standards, meet the Tier 4 transition 336 f H also use C9.3 ACERT engine, but in the end to meet the Tier 4 emission standards. And 336 d H target is not strict with emissions markets, using C9 ACERT engine.

Caterpillar hydraulic achieve its hybrid was chosen as compared to other existing technology, the hydraulic system has higher power density. When turning braking energy by recycling machine, it is stored in the accumulator, and the release of the energy used to drive machinery, achieve the goal of saving fuel.

336 e H hydraulic hybrid system consists of three parts, engine management law of the ESP pump of fuel-saving effect; Intelligent management for motion control of hydraulic flow valve of ACS; The hydraulic hybrid rotary system of collecting and releasing energy. These three systems integration, the operator does not feel its control, hydraulic power, or lifting capacity have obvious difference.

Caterpillar said oil-saving effect in Peoria verified user site testing ground and California. 336 e H accepted for 9 months, a series of strict test, to verify the technology, components as well as fuel consumption, controllable, reliability and performance. Through on-site validation, innovative design of the hydraulic components fully competent for basic work, survived, including extreme vibration and temperature condition, strict durability test. In fuel efficiency, the test proved that no matter what kind of operating mode, the user can be expected compared with the standard 336 e improve the fuel efficiency of 25%, compared with the 336 d can be increased by 50%. 336 e H meet or exceed all the expectations, in California, the user think its productivity than similar tonnage machines increased by 20 ~ 35%. Users for 336 H e was impressed by the reliable, rapid, sensitive, strong and also very surprised that it’s quiet. Test also shows that even a working cycle of rotation rate, still amount to achieve good fuel.

Caterpillar’s claims that its goal is to lower owning and operating costs for the user, to help them succeed, caterpillar, the expected user can be in a year to 18 months back due to save fuel on the basis of hybrid selection and the additional investment. In today’s economy under the background of all these is very attractive, and 336 H e like a shot in the arm, believe there will be more vendors to hybrid.

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