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Daily maintenance of slide loader

In small mechanical prospect today, a lot of engineering machinery users will eye on the slide loader, slide loader due to its versatility, if can properly use, to a lot of engineering machinery is good investment. And ensure effective input-output ratio, guarantee slip loader working hours. Slide loader efficient utilization is closely related to the daily maintenance of repair-guidebook.com today is to introduce the daily maintenance of the slide loader what are the problems need attention.

Daily check
First step need to be aware of is the slide loader after daily inspection work, every day when the slide loader after came back from the work place, need a thorough cleaning, so that we can more easily see the slide loader could be a potential problem. Each slide loader at the time of purchase, the agent will be with machine maintenance schedule, below with Keith wheeled and tracked slide loader as an example, look at the different time phases in the slide loader which require maintenance projects. Including daily, weekly, monthly and yearly machine maintenance and maintenance, the daily maintenance is very important, it is often easy to be ignored by the user.

Time interval between
Safeguard measures
Every 10 hours or a day
Check and clean up the track area of debris

Check and clean the engine and hydraulic cooler debris

The engine coolant level (water tank)

The oil level
To all the rotation pivot for lubrication
Hydraulic system of liquid level

(initial) track tension tests

Alternator belt tension (initial) and A/C

Seat belts, safety interlock rod and seat inspection operation

Wheel bolt and nut torque

Every 50 hours

Alternator belt tension and the A/C

Cabin air intake filter
Final crawler transmission oil

3.2 L engine oil and filter (initial) F5C; The ISM 2.0 L and 2.0 L

ROPS (initial) and electronic components

A seat belt
Crawler tension

Every 250 hours

Fuel tank and filter drainage

Chain tension check (initial)

The engine coolant level (fuel tank)

Engine oil and filter ISM2.0 L

Filter in the fuel lines

Tyre air pressure

Every 500 hours

The engine air cleaner

3.2 L engine oil and filter F5C; The ISM 2.0 L and 2.0 L

Transmission chain fuel tank oil level check () on each side

The main fuel filter

The hydraulic oil filter

ROPS and electronic components

Every 1000 hours

Engine valve clearance

The hydraulic oil and filter

Cistern drainage and irrigation

Transmission chain fuel tank oil level () on each side


Daily work
Every day before starting the engine: 1. To check whether there is leakage of locomotive. 2. Check the tire and pressure. 3. Check the work device of the locomotive, equipment, and for wear, damage or missing parts. 4. Check the locomotive, especially near the radiator and engine area to see if there is debris, to ensure that these areas are clean. 5. Clean or replace cannot see safety signs. 6. Clean the stairs, handrails and bridge to remove all loose objects in the cab. 7. See the maintenance of the lubrication chart, complete all 10 hours to complete the project.

Bridge inspection
Now the slide loader cab with roll-over protective structures (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS), the structure ensure the user may encounter when driving the slide loader danger happening. Users should always check the ROPS and FOPS cave and fracture, in the machine modification time should also note that don’t deal with this two kinds of structure welding, grinding and drilling, otherwise it will cause serious safety accidents.
Lubrication for slide loader is a kind of indispensable daily maintenance work, including the hoist boom, each pin joints, when work is to make butter.
Tyre protection
Users need to regularly check the tyre wear, damage, and pressure, routine maintenance can significantly extend the service life of slide loader tires.

Clean the tires
Keep the slide loader tire clean will make the inspection more convenient, check tire rubber with or without air bubbles, cracks and bumps.
Check wheel track
Quick observations can also check the tire uneven wear. On the slide loader, a set of tyre wear is depends on the user how to operate, if you find the tire uneven wear, you should consider to tire position change or adjust their operation mode, so that we can effectively prolong the service life of tires.
Keep the four tires to work at the same time
Operation is to keep the four tires on the ground will be to reduce tire wear and when the bucket loader very far, tires could be slightly lifted off the ground before tire after this will give more pressure cause uneven wear.
Keep the tires on the ground work
Slide loader tire design is on the ground and the machine is not on the road, so if the slide loader keep driving on the road, may wear will intensify.
Pay attention to pieces
Slide loader working area is often a cluttered, drivers must drive carefully when driving, avoid burst tires.
Properly stored
Frequently exposed to sunlight may decrease tire life. Tires should be stored in a cool, dry place.

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