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Diesel engines,how to care for the winter

According to the type of diesel engine oil viscosity grade (low-temperature viscosity grade and high viscosity grade) and quality of the oil level in the two different hierarchical classification method. Viscosity grade is used in the American Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) rating criteria. The quality grade of oil is used in the American Petroleum Institute (API) rating criteria

Markets generally used to distinguish viscosity grades.

Adapt to different grade of oil temperature range

Viscosity grade oil can generally adapt to the operating temperature range as the label. For example : SAE40, SAE50 oil this label , which means that the summer oil , suitable temperature is 40 ℃, only use in the summer , can not be used in the winter ; while SAE15W-40, SAE5W-40, oil of this label , which means that is universal oil, at ambient temperature of minus 30 ℃ to 40 ℃ in can be used normally .
In the oil label in “W” indicates winter ( winter ) , the smaller the number in front of their description of the better low temperature fluidity of oil , the lower the ambient temperature can be used in cold start , the better to protect the ability of the engine ; ” W ” back ( back of a cross ) is the number of the oil temperature indicator of the value the greater the protective properties of the oil at high temperature the better .
Choose the right oil viscosity for the engine performance has a direct impact , mainly in the following two points :
( 1 ) Although the viscosity of the strong adhesion of oil , but the large increase in viscosity of the internal load of the engine , causing the engine to a large internal power loss.
( 2 ) Although the small -viscosity oil reduces wear and friction of moving parts of the engine to enhance the self-cleaning ability , but due to the small oil viscosity , although the oil to reach operating temperature , but due to the oil too thin , resulting in low oil pressure, or reach the working pressure , which in turn will result in insufficient lubrication , increased engine wear , most likely pull cylinder engine , hold tile , causing damage.

How excavator parked in winter

Select the engine oil quality based on grade
At this stage, many countries use more machinery manufacturers turbocharged direct-injection four-stroke engine , to assemble on their own equipment, and emission standards only reached the second phase of the discharge ( ie, Tier-2). Such an engine assembly model selection CF-4 level to ensure the normal use of the oil .
For diesel oil used in mechanical engineering , for example, CF-4 grade oil , where C represents the diesel engine oil ; F represents the mass level , incremented each time a letter is better than before the oil will be a performance , more letters by post , higher quality grade ; ” – 4″ expressed as oil performance level , in the same level of oil , the higher the number , the better the quality .
For imports of oil in the choice of models based on their engine oil is required to choose the way : direct injection turbocharged engine optional CF-4 grade oil can ; EFI supercharged engine you need to choose CH-4 level or higher grade oil to ensure the normal operation of the engine .
Meanwhile , most of the engines used in construction machinery manufacturers are not using exhaust gas recirculation system , namely EGR. So choose CF-4 or CH-4 grade diesel oil to meet the engineering machinery engines on the stage of the oil market requirements .

Due to construction machinery manufacturing enterprises have been widely used for the third phase of emission standards in the country and other parts of the world sales of diesel engine models , so the user choose to select the appropriate level of quality required for the purchase of oil engine oil , so as to avoid engine harm.
( Tips :. Tier Europe and the United States to implement the non-road engine emission standards with the highest level of Tier-3 emission standard in Europe from January 2006 to start the implementation of the third phase of the face -road engine emission standards . that Tier3; United States from January 2005 to start the implementation of the third phase of the face -highway emission standards for engines ) .

For any people, filling the oil is a simple thing , but when you add oil still has a few points to note .
1 , prohibited the label different oil mix .
Into the winter , if the equipment needs to be replaced label different oil, the oil in the engine would need to put all of the net , and then add the oil a new label.
2 , is forbidden to mix different brands of motor oil .
Different brands of motor oil additives will be used in different formulations , mixed use may produce a chemical reaction , reducing oil use performance , affecting the normal operation of the engine .
3 , put the heat engine oil.
Before replacement of the old oil , the engine must first be started and a certain idle time , the oil temperature of the engine close to the operating temperature , and then replace the old oil .
There may be many people put heat engine oil do not understand, in fact, because : Because hot oil flow is strong, can be attached to the body surface impurities for effective cleaning. The oil discharged in this way will effectively reduce the number of residual impurity particles within the engine , reduce engine wear , to ensure efficient operation of the engine . Further, the thermal oil discharged more completely reduce the old oil residues.
4 , oil filler do not ” pay more a little .”
In general , oil is added to reach the middle to upper scale a little oil ( about 3cm) like. Excess oil will increase the resistance to rotation of the crankshaft . And because the onset of winter , cold has increased oil viscosity , while too large will make the engine crankshaft rotation resistance power down, unable to cause the device to the whole movement .
In addition , excessive addition of oil will increase oil Shangcuan could easily result in increased oil consumption ( commonly known as the blue smoke ) , indoor combustion of coke increases , also increases the chance of detonation produced , affecting the normal operation of the engine , resulting in unnecessary wear on the engine . Therefore, the oil must be added to the specified location to add , that the middle dipstick little tick marks on the side , would be sufficient.

In addition, before adding the oil filler neck also need to be cleaned and drums, to prevent impurities from entering the engine body. After filling finished oil, we need to wipe clean the oil spill, keep the engine a good working environment. These are the people in the daily maintenance of the engine need to pay attention to detail.


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