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Stihl Chainsaw MS 311 MS 391 & Parts Workshop Service Repair Manual

Stihl MS 311 MS 391 Chainsaw & Parts Workshop Service Repair Manual

This Stihl service manual containsdetailed descriptions of all the repairand servicing procedures specific tothis power tool.You should make use of theillustrated parts lists while carryingout repair work. They show theinstalled positions of the individualcomponents and assemblies.Refer to the latest edition of therelevant parts list to check the partnumbers of any replacement parts.

MS311-MS391 Service Manual

MS311-MS391 Service Manual

This Service Repair Manual Covers:

Contents G2.632564
1. Introduction and Safety Precautions G3.864692
1.1 Introduction G3.864696
1.2 Safety Precautions G3.864818
2. Specifications G4.964665
2.1 Engine G4.964670
2.2 Fuel System G4.964289
2.3 Ignition System G4.964375
2.4 Chain Lubrication G4.964461
2.5 Tightening Torques G5.310215
3. Troubleshooting G6.402340
3.1 Clutch G6.402345
3.2 Chain Drive, Chain Brake, Chain Tensioner G7.258660
3.3 Chain Lubrication G8.276105
3.4 Rewind Starter G9.132970
3.5 Ignition System G10.760698
3.6 Carburetor G11.1030234
3.7 Engine G12.392922
4. Clutch G13.26456
4.1 Clutch Drum G13.26675
5. Chain Brake G13.26731
5.1 Checking Operation G13.26739
5.2 Brake Band G13.26777
5.3 Brake Lever G13.26982
5.4 Cam Lever G13.27213
5.5 Pins G13.27332
5.6 Chain Tensioner G13.27420
5.7 Bar Mounting Studs G13.27489
6. Engine G13.27571
6.1 Muffler G13.27579
6.2 Leakage Test G13.27711
6.2.1 Preparations G13.27737
6.2.2 Vacuum Test G13.27842
6.2.3 Pressure Test G13.27901
6.3 Oil Seals G13.27972
6.4 Shroud G13.28216
6.5 Cylinder / Crankshaft G13.28273
6.6 Bearings / Crankshaft G13.28593
6.7 Piston G13.28718
6.8 Piston Rings G13.28946
6.9 Decompression Valve G13.29009
7. Ignition System G13.29051
7.1 Ignition Timing G13.29088
7.2 Preseparator G13.29104
7.3 Ignition Module G13.29135
7.4 Testing the Ignition Module G13.29363
7.5 Spark Plug Boot / Ignition Lead G13.29480
7.6 Flywheel G13.29580
7.7 Short Circuit Wire G13.29670
7.7.1 Testing G13.29674
7.7.2 Removing and Installing G13.29745
7.7.3 Ground Wire G13.30011
7.7.4 Contact Spring G13.30035
7.8 Ignition System Troubleshooting G14.824057
8. Rewind Starter G15.118444
8.1 General G15.118448
8.2 Fan housing G15.118488
8.2.1 Segment G15.118517
8.3 Pawls G15.118563
8.4 Rope Rotor G15.118656
8.5 Starter Rope / Grip G15.118799
8.6 Tensioning the Rewind Spring G15.118932
8.7 Replacing the Rewind Spring G15.119018
9. Servicing the AV System G15.119166
9.1 Buffer on Oil Tank G15.119182
9.2 AV Spring on Oil Tank G15.119236
9.3 AV Spring on Fuel Tank G15.119284
9.4 AV Spring on Front Handle G15.119379
9.5 Stop Buffer at Clutch Side G15.119445
9.6 Annular Buffer at Ignition Side G15.119509
9.7 Handlebar G15.119574
10. Control Levers G15.119716
10.1 Master Control Lever G15.119720
10.2 Throttle Trigger/Interlock Lever G15.119789
10.2.1 Choke Rod G15.119948
10.2.2 Throttle Rod G15.120031
11. Chain Lubrication G15.120139
11.1 Pickup Body G15.120145
11.2 Oil Suction Hose G15.120200
11.3 Oil Pump G15.120315
11.4 Valve G15.120463
12. Fuel System G15.120529
12.1 Air Filter G15.120535
12.2 Baffle G15.120584
12.3 Filter Base G15.120615
12.4 Air Guide Shroud G15.120767
12.5 Carburetor G15.120915
12.5.1 Leakage Test G15.121047
12.6 Servicing the Carburetor G15.121152
12.6.1 Metering Diaphragm G15.121158
12.6.2 Inlet Needle G15.121282
12.6.3 Pump Diaphragm G15.121388
12.6.4 Air Valve G15.121530
12.6.5 Levers on Throttle Shaft G15.121614
12.6.6 Adjusting Screws G15.121731
12.7 Carburetor Adjustment G15.121922
12.7.1 Basic Setting G15.121926
12.7.2 Standard Setting G15.122043
12.8 Carburetor Carrier G15.122202
12.9 Intake Manifold G15.122304
12.10 Tank Vent G15.122423
12.10.1 Testing G15.122427
12.10.2 Removing and Installing G15.122534
12.11 Fuel Intake G15.122600
12.11.1 Pickup Body G15.122604
12.11.2 Fuel Hose G15.122683
12.11.3 Fuel Suction Hose G15.122808
12.11.4 Tank Housing G15.122908
13. Special Servicing Tools G16.287070
14. Servicing Aids G17.30987

MS311 – 1140 95

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