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Stihl MS 440, MS 440 C & Spare Parts List Workshop Service Repair Manual

Stihl MS 440, MS 440 C & Spare Parts List Workshop Service Repair Manual

Stihl MS 440, MS 440 C Chainsaw & Parts Workshop Service Repair Manual

This Stihl Chainsaw MS 440, MS 440 C service manual contains detailed descriptions of all the typical repair and servicing procedures for this power tool. You should make use of the illustrated parts lists while carrying out repair work. They show the installed positions of the individual components and assemblies.

MS440 Service Manual

This Service Repair Manual Covers:

1. Introduction G3.1001344
2. Safety Precautions G3.1002504
3. Specifications G4.1005354
3.1 Engine G4.1006156
3.2 Fuel System G4.1007656
3.3 Ignition System G4.1007702
3.4 Chain Lubrication G4.1007766
3.5 Tightening Torques G5.1010701
4. Troubleshooting Chart G6.1005354
4.1 Clutch, Chain Drive, Chain Brake, Chain Tensioner G6.1009978
4.2 Rewind Starter G7.1008947
4.3 Chain Lubrication G8.1005354
4.4 Ignition System G9.1005354
4.5 Carburetor G9.1007679
4.6 Engine G10.1005354
5. Clutch, Chain Drive, Chain Brake and Chain Tensioner G11.1001344
5.1 Clutch Drum / Chain Sprocket G11.1020275
5.2 Replacing the Chain Catcher G11.1002531
5.3 Clutch G11.1002597
5.4 Chain brake G11.1003101
5.4.1 Checking correct operation G11.1003256
5.4.2 Removing G11.1003102
5.4.3 Installing G11.1003794
5.5 Chain Tensioner G11.1004367
5.6 Bar Mounting Studs G11.1008982
6. Engine G11.1008924
6.1 Muffler / Spark Arresting Screen G11.1004636
6.2 Leakage Test G11.1004801
6.2.1 Preparations G11.1004836
6.2.2 Pressure Test G11.1005517
6.2.3 Vacuum Test G11.1005519
6.3 Oil Seals G11.1005726
6.4 Removing the shroud G11.1006895
6.5 Cylinder and Piston G11.1006554
6.5.1 Removing G11.1007190
6.5.2 Installing G11.1007198
6.6 Piston Rings G11.1007895
6.7 Crankcase G11.1007955
6.7.1 Removing the crankshaft G11.1007998
6.7.2 Installing the crankshaft G11.1009092
6.8 Decompression Valve G11.1010143
7. Ignition System G11.1010284
7.1 Ignition Module G11.1010321
7.1.1 Ignition Timing G11.1010354
7.1.2 Removing and Installing G11.1010326
7.1.3 Testing the ignition system G11.1014330
7.2 Ignition Lead / Spark Plug Boot G11.1014332
7.3 Flywheel G11.1011032
7.3.1 Removal G11.1011036
7.3.2 Installation G11.1011318
7.4 Stop switch G11.1046315
7.5 Wiring harness G11.1046318
7.5.1 Testing Wiring Harness G11.1014069
7.6 Ignition System Troubleshooting G12.1002743
8. Rewind Starter G13.1022056
8.1 General G13.1022057
8.2 Removing and Installing G13.1022060
8.3 Pawls G13.1022062
8.4 Rope Rotor G13.1022065
8.5 Starter rope G13.1022070
8.5.1 Tensioning G13.1022076
8.6 Starter Rope Guide Bushing G13.1022080
8.7 Replacing the Rewind Spring G13.1022083
9. AV handle system G13.1022084
10. Single lever master control / handle system G13.1022088
10.1 Switch shaft G13.1022090
10.2 Throttle Trigger / Interlock Lever G13.1022094
11. Chain Lubrication G13.1023927
11.1 Pickup Body / Suction Hose G13.1023929
11.2 Valve G13.1023933
11.2.1 Cleaning G13.1039560
11.2.2 Replacing G13.1023934
11.3 Oil pump G13.1023937
11.3.1 Removing and installing G13.1023939
11.3.2 Servicing G13.1023942
12. Fuel System G13.1023944
12.1 Air Filter G13.1023946
12.2 Carburetor G13.1023950
12.2.1 Removing and Installing G13.1023952
12.2.2 Leakage Test G13.1023956
12.3 Servicing the Carburetor G13.1023959
12.3.1 Metering Diaphragm G13.1023961
12.3.2 Inlet Needle G13.1023966
12.3.3 Fixed Jet G13.1023969
12.3.4 Pump Diaphragm G13.1023971
12.4 Adjustment (carburetor without limiter caps) G13.1023976
12.4.1 Adjustment (carburetor with limiter cap) G13.1023980
12.4.2 Basic Setting (carburetor with limiter cap) G13.1023984
12.5 Tank Vent G13.1023987
12.6 Pickup Body G13.1023991
12.7 Fuel Hose G13.1023994
12.8 Tank housing G13.1023998
13. Carburetor Heating G13.1024009
13.1 Troubleshooting Chart G14.1002743
13.2 Heating element with thermostatic switch G15.1021118
14. Handle Heating System G15.1021424
14.1 Troubleshooting G15.1021426
14.1.1 Troubleshooting Chart G16.1002743
14.1.2 Test Connections and Test Values G17.1002743
14.2 Heater switch G18.1021118
14.3 Heating element in front handle G18.1021535
14.4 Heating element in front handle G18.1021539
14.5 Generator G18.1021269
15. Special Servicing Tools G19.1002743
16. Servicing Aids G20.1002743

MS440 – 1128 95

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