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Excavator engine off speed Cause

1 The problem of diesel oil. (Usually blocking case of diesel oil)
2 Engine failure. (Speed ​​is too low)
3 Solenoid valve clearance is too large, fuel shortage, resulting in speed excavator engine off, turn off.
Four engine load is too large.
5 Hydraulic system failure.
6 Low fuel pressure, fuel quality is poor.
7 Valve clearance is wrong.
Eight-cylinder engine shipped one engine setting value is wrong.
9 Intake air leaks.
10 Brake and turn abnormal.
11 Injection timing is wrong, the amount of fuel the setting value is wrong.
12 Faulty brakes and a joystick and a turbocharger coke.
13 Hydraulic failure.

Excavator engine off speed fault repair:
1 When the excavator engine speed fault phenomenon out, first check the master excavator excavator diesel used there is no deterioration? Cadogan? Or is there no impurities? Oil there is no obstruction?
2 Secondly, look excavator EFI engine or direct injection engines, direct injection engine to do the first step checks.
3 Check the diesel road, you check the engine valve clearance, check the size of the engine speed?
4 Then check out appear excavator engine speed phenomenon is not the case in the engine load occurs?
5 Finally, check the engine to see if it was caused by engine failure speed excavator engine swap

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