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Excavator Hydraulic System Fault Diagnosis Method Three

Visual inspection method

For some of the more simple troubleshooting, you can watch, Shoumo, ears and sniffing and other means to check parts for example, by visual inspection can be found such as cracking, oil spills, loosening and deformation fault imagination, which can promptly to repair or replacement of parts; Hold the tubing (especially hoses), when there is pressure oil flows through there to feel the vibration, there is no such phenomenon without fluid flowing through or pressure is too low.

In addition, the hand touch can be used to determine whether the situation well with a mechanical transmission parts to lubricate the hydraulic components, hand feel the temperature changes of the housing element, if overheated housing element, then the poor lubrication; ears can estimate the mechanical parts the point of failure and damage caused by the extent of damage, such as pump cavitation, relief valve to open, the fault will be issued by card issuers and other elements such as water impact sound or “water hammer sound” and other abnormal noise; some components due to overheating, poor lubrication and cavitation odor and other reasons, can be judged by sniffing the point of failure.

Swapping diagnostics

Lack of diagnostic equipment in the maintenance of the site or checked more sophisticated components should not open when using this method should first suspect faulty component removed and replaced with new parts or on other machines work properly, the same type of element test to see Can exclude fault diagnosis can be made.

With restrictions on the exchange diagnostic method for detecting a fault, despite the structure, site element reserves or disassembly inconvenience and other factors, it may operate more trouble, but as balancing valves, relief valves, check valves and the like of the volume is small, easy to disassembly of components, using this method is more convenient. Swapping diagnostic method to avoid blindly dismantle and degrade performance of hydraulic components. The failure of the law if you do not check on the exchange, but directly remove suspicious main valve and its dismantling, if the element is no problem, after refitted may affect its performance.

Instrumentation Measurement Inspection Act

With the pressure of the hydraulic system for each part of the hydraulic oil flow and oil temperature measurements to determine point of failure in the system field tests in general, due to a failure of the hydraulic system is often manifested in insufficient pressure, easily perceptible; the flow rate detection is more difficult, the size of the flow may be made only cursory judgment by operation of the actuator speed. Thus, in the field test, the greater the pressure detection system using the method.

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