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Excavator job safety knowledge

Excavator jobs should pay attention to what the problem? How to safer work?

1 is strictly prohibited persons outside car driver: must be a person in the driver’s seat to operate. If you have a pillion passenger, would hinder job even cause accidents. Therefore, persons other than the driver’s cab is not only can not stand sitting on the machine.
(2) required to confirm before running around safety:
a. Make sure that no one around the machine.
b. either door or window is opened or closed, turn it securely.
c. Please adjust the mirror position, so that the driver can clearly see the rear of the driver’s seat.

Adjust mirrors

d. Verify horn, walking alarm (already installed) and other alarm devices are correct sound.
3. Use of seat belts: If you do not use seat belts when the machine tipping over when the cab driver may be violent collision, was thrown out of the cab, or is under pressure in the machine. As can cause serious personal injury, so the run-time, Sit on the seat, be sure to fasten your seat belt.
a. fasten your seat belt, make sure that the mounting bracket and the mounting strap is abnormal.
b. whether seat belts are damaged, replace at least once every three years.
4 Precautions when starting the engine
a. safety lock control lever in the “locked position.”
b. sure the driver’s seat to start the engine.
c. starting the engine before sounding horn as a warning.
d. Do not start the starter motor terminals or battery short circuit. Otherwise, the machine will start suddenly, causing damage to the electrical system.
5 After starting the engine check: After starting the engine if the negligent inspection, the machine will not be able to detect abnormalities, leading to personal injury or damage to the machine. No one is around, no obstacles, spacious place to be checked. Check your machine’s working condition, bucket, arm, boom, dozer blade (already installed), walking, working conditions and rotation. Abnormal, immediately repaired.
6 preheating run: If you do not perform sufficient warm-up operation will start working device, will lead the work equipment control lever for slow response, do not follow the meaning of the operator to perform actions. Please be sure to preheat. Especially in the cold, the need for adequate warm-up.
7 Confirm the operation lever action: The job, be sure to pay attention to security around, slowly working the lever, make sure the operating mode of the display panel and the machine’s action is consistent.
8 engine is when the attention of the machine direction: starting the machine, make sure the guide wheel (1) position. Correct walking posture is to guide the wheel (1) is located in front of the travel motor (2) is located in the rear.

Note that the machine running direction

9 walking implementing severe operating lever is prohibited actions:
a. Do not lever the implementation as rapidly as dramatic launch operations.
b. Do not implement the operating lever from forward to backward (or backward to forward from) the dramatic action.
c. Do not implement a similar lever close to the maximum speed in the dramatic emergency stop operation (hand release lever).
10 Note bucket Collision: As a result of the type of device or host side optional combination of different specifications, operations may differ cab or collide with other parts of the machine. Job, please confirm whether the collision situation. Work equipment in the cab or near the machine when very dangerous job requires special attention.

Beware bucket collision

11 when walking Note: as far as possible choose to walk on a flat solid foundation. Also, note that as straight and turn, try to avoid turning on the spot and rotate rapidly. In a narrow place, please repeated roundtrips.
a. walk, so working device shown in the following figure and ground to maintain 30 ~ 40cm distance.

When walking, so working device shown in the following figure and ground to maintain 30 ~ 40cm distance

b. avoid severe operating lever or pedal operation implemented.
c. on uneven road surface at a low speed running.
d. Try not to cross the obstacles. If you must go, please keep working device and ground proximity, and walking speed.

12 About Climbing · downhill walking: Do not above 30 ° slope walking, otherwise it will lead to tipping.
a. walking on slopes, keep the distance between the bucket and the ground kept at 20 ~ 30cm, so that emergency can be immediately bucket lowered to the ground, the machine stops. Especially in the downhill, please slow walk.

Right on the downhill

b. in the weeds or fallen leaves, easy to slip on the wet iron, so please control the walking speed.
c. climb the steep slope, in order to keep a good balance, front attachment to elongation, the bucket to the ground distance of 20 ~ 30cm, smooth walking speed.
13 when walking on slopes Note: when walking on slopes, note tipping and skidding. The bucket to the ground 20 ~ 30cm distance to an emergency can immediately be lowered to the ground. Do not convert the body in the direction of the slope, not horizontal walking back to the ground, make a detour safe to walk. In any case, the upper and lower slopes of 30 °, the oblique angle of not more than 15 °.

When walking on slopes Precautions

14. The slope Precautions:
a. When slope operation, the machine may be uneven, so the operation should pay special attention.
b. parallel as possible to the way walking up and down slopes, not the way to go in order to cross.
c. When the bucket is full do not rotate on the slopes, if you have a rotary movement, it must be built into the platform in the operating area.
d. engines stopped on an incline, set the bucket down to the ground, each of the operating lever to the neutral position, and then re-start the engine.
15 machines in snow-covered ground operations shall comply with the following tips:
a. reduce speed, do not rapidly start, stop or turn. Because the machine may be just a little bit because of the slope of the slide.
b. on the hard shoulder or snow may be snow deeper than expected, so when the temperature rises, the frozen ground will become more soft, then we should pay attention when operating the machine.

Machine in snow-covered ground operations shall comply with the following tips

16 Rotate or walking should observe the following tips:
a. Do not let other people close to the machine’s rotating region. Before operating the machine, you should make sure no persons or obstacles around the machine, so the first horn or other warning signals to prevent others close.
b. If the operating area dangerous or poor visibility, the direction must also be in command.

17 When the excavation of underground pipes buried near Precautions: If the excavation may be buried near the water or gas pipes, we must first consult the relevant authorities to determine the exact location of the pipeline, and then began to carefully excavate.

Be careful not to dig underground pipes


18 Carefully operate the work equipment: where height restrictions when operating the machine such as tunnels, bridges and wires down and other places, to avoid work equipment hit anything.

Carefully operate the work equipment

19. Planing empty Danger: dig under the cliff is very dangerous, please be absolutely avoided. Otherwise it will lead to a cliff foundations loose, resulting rockfall.

Empty dangerous planing

20. Prohibited to stand beneath the bucket: When working device bucket or through the operator’s head or upper seat flatbed dump, because there is sediment fall or in contact with the bucket will result in personal injury or damage to the machine. To be safe, do not let the working device bucket or through human head.

Prohibited to stand beneath the bucket

21 Ensure Safety Foundation: on the shoulder or edge of a cliff operations, the machine is easy to lose balance, very dangerous. So make the track at right angles with the shoulder and walking motor placed in the rear, so that the machine backwards. Especially in the building or on the ground after the rain stopped desk job, curbs easily collapse, so be sure to ground safely. In addition, please be careful not to over-excavation of the soil near the machine and so on.

Ensure safety foundation

22 hoists Precautions: Because this machine is the excavator, so please pay special attention to the case when dealing with heavy loads. Use only hook hanging chain, are not allowed to use the bucket teeth hanging objects.

Use only hook hanging chain

23 when operating in the wire Precautions:
a. Do not close to high-voltage lines. Otherwise, it will cause electrical shock and cause serious injury or death.
b. please confirm the power company line voltage on site.
c. To prevent electrical shock, with guidance staff, let gestured to avoid the machine close to the wires.
d. If the machine come into contact with wires, disable the operator to leave the driver’s seat.


Power companies target separation distance
2m Above
6,600V Below
2m Above
22,000V Below
3m Above
66,000V Below
4m Above
154,000V Below
5m Above
275,000V Below
7m Above
500,000V Below
11m Above


When operating in the wire Precautions

24 is strictly forbidden to enter the site: If you enter the site personnel or other machine, it will cause a collision or injury. Job, be sure to confirm whether there is within the scope of the job to guide people outside personnel or obstructions. To avoid unnecessary personnel entering the site, please take measures to prevent persons close. Such as setting the “No Entry” signs.
25. Notes and symbols: the symbol placed in a soft soil zone, if desired, the operator must pay attention to signs, in accordance with the instruction from the command flag. All personnel should be aware of signs, symbols, signals mean and simply handed the flag and a flag signal conductor can be.

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