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Filter element how to properly select and use

Filter element of the filter pore size , filter area , pressure is a measure Filter element quality of the important criteria. Generally , construction machinery manufacturers have provided the engine and hydraulic system maintenance cycle ( eg 250h , respectively , and 2000 h), people tend to understand the above provisions for the replacement of oil when replacing Filter element, but in reality in exceptional circumstances , No need to be replaced when replacing oil Filter element.

Proper selection, use Filter element, is to extend the life of an important means of machinery . Often working in dusty or high temperature environment, as well as long-time continuous working construction machinery , air filters should be cleaned daily outside the filter once, inner filter cleaning 6 times ( or , as appropriate ) must be replaced after . Choose to pay attention to filtration air filter , coarse filter paper air filter filtration accuracy of 30 ~ 50μm, 20μm thin filter paper is about using air as the test pressure of 0.1MPa , the feeling opposite the airflow is qualified . Install air filter , you must ensure that the air filter and the intake manifold at the contact surface and seal each connection , you can not use a deformed or wrong type of filter.

Replace fuel filter , filter , the same attention to their filtering accuracy, coarse filter diesel filter is 10μm, fine filter diesel filter is 6μm, machine filter is 10μm, and the degree of pressure required 1.5 ~ 4MPa, the pass rate was 60 % and 50%. When detecting a pressure 0.2MPa, air blown from the inlet , outlet port if feeling a uniform airflow , that qualified ; feeling airflow large or if a significant air resistance , the filter should be checked whether the quality problems.

Filter change time determination : the inspection of oil colors , viscosity, on the basis of odor , but also to detect oil pressure, air humidity. If you work in the higher elevations, low temperature environment , you must also pay close attention to the engine oil in carbon content , varnish ( olefin ) and sulfides , as well as impurities in diesel , paraffin and moisture content . Exceptional circumstances , if the use of low- grade mechanical diesel ( diesel fuel sulfur content of 0.5% to 1.0% ) , should be replaced once every 150h diesel filters, filter ; sulfur content of 1.0 % or more should be replaced once every 60h diesel filter , machine filter . Using crusher , vibrating compactor and other large load on the hydraulic system equipment , hydraulic oil return filter, pilot filter and respirator filter replacement time is replaced once every 100h

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