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Four maintenance tips to help construction machinery spend the hot summer days

The machine will appear "karoshi" too hot

The machine will appear “karoshi” too hot

First, good construction machinery and equipment Daily maintenance. Construction machinery construction machinery drivers should periodically conduct a comprehensive maintenance and timely replacement of the engine of the “three filters” and the oil, replace or adjust the belt and check the fan, water tanks, generators, compressors performance is reliable, if necessary, carry out maintenance , repair or replacement.

Secondly, the mechanical construction work for long, to do to improve oil viscosity grade, also check the cooling system, fuel system is smooth. Also, replacement of aging wires, plugs, tubing, screws, fastening the fuel line to prevent fuel leakage. Well, clean up the engine body oils, dust, ensure that the engine “traveling light”, good heat dissipation. Engine oil and lubricants throughout the summer to be replaced with oil, to replenish.

In the summer does not work, try to put the device in the shade

In the summer does not work, try to put the device in the shade

Third, the battery fluid timely supplement and ensure that each circuit connector can be solid and reliable. In addition, the need to replace aging lines, fuse capacity should meet the safety requirements and so on.
Finally, the stoppage time, we recommend that you put as much as possible construction equipment parked in a cool place, avoid sun exposure fuselage. And, the appropriate reduction of the tire pressure, in order to prevent the tires from suddenly after puncture time at work

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