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HONDA RC166-Power of Dreams

RC116 little-known compared the performance of the same year in the game HONDA RC166 is the limelight.

RC166 HONDA launched in 1966, inline 6-cylinder 250cc four-stroke air-cooled engine racing, with the 7-speed transmission, dual overhead cam 24-valve, horsepower over 62 hp / 18000 rpm, torque of over 23 Nm / 17000 rpm, fullcar dry weight of only 112 kg, and a top speed of over 240 km

RC166 running 10 RACES that year, made 10 RACES and annual championship. The next year, the annual championship again in 1967, is incomparable, alien artifact! RC166 formerly RC165, just 24 years old from HONDA yanagi ichiro host into the intersection of development. RC165 after launch, the season has been close to the end, and RC165 engine is more wide, with poor handling.

Improvement of frame and the shock, reduce the width of the engine, weight reduction and increased power output, make the handling RC166 has greatly improved.

Here has to say HONDA technology concept. Soichiro Honda think four stroke engines have good economic, environmental protection, combustion efficiency higher advantages, so that four stroke engine is the developing direction of future technology, so has been to four stroke engine in GP farmland. But other Japanese three families that’s easy to produce larger horsepower two-stroke engine, without the need to overcome 4 stroke development route of the valve and camshaft valve-train, compact, lightweight, and several technology “dashan”

If you continue along RC116 and technical route of RC166 development bottom go to, it’s hard to imagine today HONDA will bring us what kind of l sports car? May be as light as yan only 150 kilograms, horsepower, but has more than 300 abnormal condition the devil? Or 50 cc – 150 evil little monsters?
Unfortunately, HONDA suddenly in 1968, thoroughly, no sign it out of the GP. With 18 annual championship and 138 RACES of dazzling crown, HONDA the whole technical team all packaging to auto F1, Stoner, retirement than in 2012 turned to V8 touring car is 100 times more lightning – for HONDA competitors, of course, this is worth happy celebration.

It is difficult to evaluate HONDA this decision is right or wrong. On the one hand, HONDA withdrew from the GP, the history of world motorcycle date for at least 10 years; , on the other hand, the rapid development of automobile industry as the HONDA has laid a solid financial base, make HONDA thoroughly across two automobile and motorcycle industry of big enterprises.
It is thanks to auto industry accumulate abundant financial resources, makes the YAMAHA trying to challenge the motorcycle hegemony throne, in the 80 s in a miserable failure.
As companies started with by motorcycle, HONDA won’t never leave GP.
Time passed quickly, when HONDA back to MOTOGP action again, it was already 1978. 2 at 500 cc was devil swallowed up heaven and earth, with lightning horsepower GP venue.
May be HONDA’s DNA, genes, or is in order to validate the soichiro HONDA four ideas, HONDA announced that they would return to a 4 stroke engine 2 round the stadium, it will be memorable NR500.

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