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How many people have seen the new 2013 SCANIA?

Simple introduction, 2013’s new name is Streamline, this you should not feel unfamiliar. Because as early as in 1991 has been a Streamline, improved version is 113 m. Now come out of this, the biggest change is the Angle plate gills of diversion hole has been cancelled, and become a simple guide plate. May look not so good-looking, but also because of the people feel different. Other changes of the appearance of the sun shade, also do a little tweaking. Modelling, in general, or not too big change, so the personal feeling and feel more boring.


Don’t know whether SCANIA designers also didn’t want to develop another cab. VOLVO FH series has developed, although it looks a little concept car modelling, but after all is a big step. To come up with something under a new SCANIA will look and feel.

Replace the gills of diversion hole guide plate, is relatively simple. Seems easy to damage, but replacement cost should be relatively modest. Better than the existing series scratched his face shape flow guide hole to replace the whole Angle plate.

Before the face of positive view, with six series of distinction is Angle plate and sunshade shade. As a layman, feeling is the visual a bit tired. This model since 1996 to now, almost no too big changes. Better than Renault Ma Genong points.

Pictures of each car, is out of the G and R series, temporarily no P system. Including R730 or biggest luminescent spot!


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