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How to change a motorcycle shock absorber oil

Because most of the shock absorber is through the flow of oil damping force to absorb shock and vibration energy, and translated into oil quantity of heat to send out off. So, shock absorber’s damping force and oil viscosity are closely connected, and oil viscosity with temperature changes.

Motorcycle use time length, when using environment temperature is different. Therefore, in order to adapt to the motorcycle operation regional various climate conditions need, to the shock absorber oil has put forward the following technical requirements:

1, shock absorber oil not only should have good viscosity-temperature performance and high viscosity index, shall also have the low freezing point. When the environmental temperature changes or work with the extension of time, the shock absorber oil temperature change itself, its oil viscosity change should be small;

2, shock absorber oil in motorcycle use range (including high speed, full load and overload running and other special situation), to as few evaporation loss, the so-called vaporizing small performance;

3, when the shock absorber oil in contact with air, must have the oxidation stability and resistance to oil and gas mixed stability, the so-called good working stability performance;

4, because it contains impurities shock absorber oil in motorcycle driving process, will soon be piston rod scratching or cause oil seal cutting edge mutilation, leading to the oil leakage. So, shock absorber oil must maintain absolute clean, can not have dust and impurities interfuse;

5, shock absorber oil must have good rust and antiwear function.

For shock absorber oil selection and use of attention points a brief introduction:

1, for speed is not high, the load is not big motorcycle (refers to the displacement is 50 ml the following portable car), can be directly the choose and buy L – EOC level, brand for 5 w / 30 gasoline engine oil;

2, to the displacement than 50 ml vehicles, is should choose mixed oil preparation, usually in the following three proportion allocate: a) with 22 turbine oil and transformer oil 50% each deploy mixed proportion; B) with 40% of 22 turbine oil and 60% of transformer oil mixed deployment; C) with 60% of 22 turbine oil and 40% of transformer oil mixed deployment.

3, change shock absorber oil, the sequence and direction under the, wheel, when argillaceous, brake pliers, loosen part of plate fixed screw, FangXiangZhu fixed screw, or so back and forth rotation handle tube, slowly will handle tube and out. For a front fork dust shield motorcycle, should first off dust shield and the front fork head bolt (front fork head bolt possible under the action of the spring jumped out, attention must be paid to). If it is air pressure type, should be in loose bolt ago, press the live valve core, in order to exhaust air. Sequential off spring cushion, spring pipe run, front fork spring, mobile handle tube, poured out front fork in shock absorber oil. Then according to the stipulated amount of oil, add into the front fork shock absorber in the cylinder, and then slowly twitch handle tube two or three times, in order to eliminate interfuse air, finally according to the order of sequence can be reassembled. Part of the motorcycle front fork shock absorber oil (refers to single only) : CB125T Honda car for, 128 + 1 ml; Honda car for GL145, 159 + 1 ml; WuYangBenTian WH100T car for, 77 + 1 ml; Chunlan tiger, leopard CL125 car for, 130 + 1 ml),

4, practice proves, shock absorber oil viscosity on the performance of the shock absorber has great influence. Oil is too thick, can make the feeble the shock absorber of harden; A thin oil, and can make the hair hard shock absorber become soft. To improve the shock absorber’s damping performance, can change shock absorber oil grades, but never can increase or decrease at random to oil. And add oil quantity should be accomplished accurately, it is recommended to use measuring cup filler. If conditions do not have, can borrow 50 ml medical needle tube (it has ml scale line as measurement unit) absorb oil after injection. And, as noted, two front fork damper cylinder inside the oil must be consistent. Otherwise, will bring the manipulation of inconvenience. Please to special attention.

5, for avoid moisture and impurities of immersion, replace the shock absorber oil, should choose the air temperature is higher, humidity, lesser, sand dust smaller sunny weather, best in a cleaner environment operation. For the shock absorber of used oil, and shall not be used. Shock absorber oil preparation, need to use in time, don’t store too long, in order to avoid oxidation and affect its performance.




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