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How to choose a hydraulic rotary drilling rig

Rotary drilling rig classification
Select the principle of rotary drilling rig should be able to meet the needs of the user’s current main project, taking into account the needs of the project that may occur in the future. Performance parameters to leave room for development. Rotary drilling rig according to their main operating parameters of torque, engine power, hole diameter, depth and drilling rig machine quality can be divided into three types.

1. Minicomputer
Torque 100kN · m, Engine power 170kW, hole diameter 0.5 ~ 1m, drilling depth 40m or so, the quality of the whole rig around 40t. Minicomputer applications market positioning: ① various galleried slope pile; pile bearing structure part ② floor; various ③ municipal urban renewal projects of less than 1m pile: ④ applicable to the pile of other purposes.

2. Medium Machine
Torque 180kN · m, Engine power 200kW, hole diameter 0.8 ~ 1.8m, drilling depth 60m or so, the whole mass 65t rig around. Application of market positioning medium machine: ① bridge piles of various highways, railways and other transport facilities Bridges branded products; ② large buildings, port load-bearing structure pile; the ③ city viaduct bridge piles; ④ other applicable piles.

3. Mainframe
Torque 240kN · m, Engine power 300kW, hole diameter 1 ~ 2.5m, drilling depth 80m, 100t quality over the whole rig. Mainframe application market positioning: ① various highways, railway bridges Bridge pile; special structure ② other large buildings bearing foundation piles.

In determining the size of future models , optional rotary drilling rig parameters need to be considered are the following .
1 . Drill Torque
Select rig torque according to project needs to ensure that the rig can work reliably in rig efficiency area. Rig efficient district , generally refers to the normal drilling rig can mean progress 5m / h or more. Such as the use of short spiral drill bit and drum , in the soil , the pore diameter of 800mm rig should 80kN · m of torque, expanded into every pore diameter 100mm, rig torque should be increased 10kN · m. In a large density of sand , gravel , 800mm Drill hole diameter should 100kN · m, hole diameter increases every 100mm, rig torque should be increased 15 ~ 20kN · m.
It must be noted that when the rig has a torque hole need, structure and structural parameters of speed and drill holes into a very close relationship. Diamond drill tooth structure and form , install a different angle and other parameters , drilling speed is different. Ensure that the rig can work reliably in the high zone , the drill must be chosen carefully .
2 . Power , hydraulic, electrical systems
Power systems require reliable, long time between failures . Should normally be good reputation, good service, such as Caterpillar , Cummins . Hydraulic systems require reliable, reliable performance, good service high pressure hydraulic components main hydraulic components should be used . Electrical and hydraulic system with the same system requirements .
3 . Drill rig
From the form of the current drill drill can be divided into the lock lever machines , grinding resistance rods , combined three kinds . Select the drill pipe in the form of machine -locking lever should follow , modular , wear resistance -type sequence. Machine lock lever rod modular hard formation when drilling, the drill pipe pressure can be reliably achieved , and generally in the formation of hard formations into the hole, the pressure increase control of the degree of drill well . Drill pipe length should be determined according to the depth of the hole , into the hole in the depth range is large , you should choose two sets of drill pipe, drill set not less than 60m long and short drill a 40m or so . In order to ensure convenient dumping slag , taking into account the size of the rig , usually in the bottom of the drill rig to install a small bit part of the Quartet , in the drilling mast in the highest position , from the ground shall not be less than 6m, big rigs should not be less than 7m. In order to ensure maximum diameter drill installation , generally in small rigs , drill pipe and drill masts slide surface centerline distance should not be less than 1000mm, big rig is not less than 1200mm. There drill rubber vibration damping mode , damping spring , a spring rubber composite damping . Only rubber vibration damping function, you can reduce the wear and tear the ends of each section of drill pipe , drill pipe to ensure effective life. Spring damping , damping rubber compound in addition to a spring outside the drill pipe can effectively guarantee the life , but also through vibrations in the drill bit difficult to remove the clay sediment removed , effectively improve the work efficiency. Spring damping drill pipe , spring life is short dump vibration method , should strictly control the vibration amplitude and frequency of vibration , and should be equipped with spare springs. Recommended short drill with spring damping , long drill pipe with rubber vibration .

4 . Mast restructuring rig
Mast rigs are currently restructuring the German company Bauer , represented by triangles and Italy geotechnical company representative parallel quadrilateral into two categories , each with advantages. At the construction site , from the rig site installation , demolition and construction barriers through the air situation, adjust the drilling mast parallelogram structure , with greater practical advantages.
5. Auxiliary Systems
( 1 ) There should be automatic rotary drilling rig sounding device can measure each drilling depth , but also to measure the total drilling depth . This rig into the hole on the quality and safety of operations is essential.
( 2 ) Rig should also be equipped with a vertical correction device, with automatic and manual modes , so that at any time , quickly adjust and correct drill vertical, quality assurance into the hole .
( 3 ) drilling rig is equipped with safety devices , including emergency stop and cab guards, emergency stop devices to prevent the rig primarily at work , wounding the driver’s vision blind rig accidents occur . Cab guards prevent major accidents spatter hit the cab and overturned when the driver can not hurt .
( 4 ) There can be various parts of the rig maintenance space , often need maintenance replacement parts easy to replace, the rig is equipped with special tools and common tool is complete, and durable.
6. Drill drill
When buying rigs , depending on the circumstances should be considered while buying part of the drill . Abroad generally short spiral drill bit and insert a good quality rock drills , can be considered.


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