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How to maintain Caterpillar EFI machine more durable life

Caterpillar EFI engine failure generally have the following focus areas: fuel system, air intake system, cooling system, electrical system.

cat engine repair

First, the fuel system
Frequently Asked Questions:
Start difficulties, lack of power, black smoke, white smoke, burning nozzle, pump damage.
Why have these problems? How to avoid or reduce these failures?
First, when we select the device you want to avoid some engine models: C4.4, C6.4, C6.6, these three engines is not recommended for domestic use.
3126B, C7, C9 engine not only to pay attention to the quality of the fuel, and the need to pay attention to cleanliness of the intake of oil, because their life and fuel system has a lot of oil.
C10 C11 C12 C13 C15 C18 C32 engine fuel system problems, 95% and fuel quality relationship.

How fuel quality assurance ?
First purchase diesel is the key , do not use soil refining . When any new diesel with a transparent white glass bottles some oil observation, there is mucus -like suspension , there are particles in the oil metallic luster or color close to the color of soy diesel resolutely do not ! The following is very difficult to say something at the site , we can only do our best : the diesel must precipitation 40 hours after use , do not use the bottom tenth of the EFI engine ; make use of the car when the oil filter on diesel ; diesel, oil , hydraulic oil filter must be purchased at the dealer , so the above points can make one-third of the fuel system to extend the life .
Second, the air intake system
FAQs are:
Turbocharger damage , lack of power .
The solution:
Power shortage , involves primarily the filter intake areas . Mining operations using equipment recommended oil bath air filter, although oil-bath filter influential in large slope uphill task , but in terms of improving the cleanliness of the air intake is ideal . Improve and strengthen the overall life of the engine after the intake cleanliness is great : for example, oil cleanliness , the life of the fuel system , the four supporting life and so on.

Always check under the intake pipe has no aging, leak, etc., intercooler radiator is clean, they are actually very important maintenance projects.
Damage to the turbocharger to be noted that to replace oil, if the oil dirty, turbocharger life is short, and the installation of the supercharger and also the life of the relevant brand. Turbocharger installation is nothing anyone can, some tips.
Third, the cooling system
CAT’s thermostat must not be dismantled after prolonged use.
Fourth, the electrical system
Note: Not recommended welded directly on the device, if special needs, be sure to ground the nearest place in the joints.

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