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How to maintain engine crankshaft suite

Decomposition engine, check the crankshaft partial pendulum degree. Use V ring support crankshaft, with the dial indicator reading partial pendulum degree, crankshaft partial pendulum level shall not exceed the limit of use, the use of limit of 0.05 mm. Crankshaft partial pendulum degree too often becomes the engine abnormal vibration reasons, this kind of vibration will shorten the engine life. Therefore, beyond use limit should send repair department repair or replacement.

Bearing inspection. Check before, should use first cleaning solvent cleaning bearing, and oil lubrication.

Rotating inner race check rotation is smooth, if not flexible rotation, uniform, and a “da, cascade Khartoum to reach” the clash, should further check ball rail and steel ball. If the ball and seat ring has serious pitting, desquamate, rupture, etc, and replacement of the bearing. If the bearing rotating up very sleek, no block phenomenon, but “huahua” noise is very big, should check whether wear nothing. Inspection methods available in two closefisted hold outer, and promote bearing, if feel sloshing gap is very big, and should be replaced bearing.

Then should check bearing oil seal, if there is wear and tear, hardening phenomenon, damage of oil seal can lead to fuel and air mixture or oil leakage. This oil seal should be replaced.

The big end bearing inspection. Inspection, turn to move with connecting rod of the crankshaft, should feel big head of rotating motion smoothly. Can one side tightly fixed the crankshaft, side sash connecting rod, to confirm whether a voice in the big head.

The big end wear can be through the examination link capitulum of swing to estimate, this method can also check the big end parts of wear and tear. Such as wear more than limit, connecting rod, crank pin and crank pin bearing should all repair or replace. The wear degree shall not be longer than 3.0 mm.

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