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How to replace brake fluid

For the correct reasonable use of motorcycle brake fluid, should remember the following notice:

1. The brake fluid must at low temperature storage, to prevent dust and impurities and moisture airproof, and not in the open air. Storage process once found a white precipitate or other impurity, be sure to precipitate filter after use, had got into the moisture of the brake fluid may not be used again.

2. Use, often should check system have white precipitate or other impurities. Once confirmed, the system should be within the brake fluid release, into clean glass the precipitation in a few hours, strain off sediment before use. At the same time, deal with system for a thorough maintenance, make the system keep clean clear. Alcohol is the most suitable cleaner. Other solvent or gasoline will not be used for cleaning dust cover, oil seal, check valve assembly and other rubber parts. Metal parts can be used solvent cleaning, assembly before all parts must be cleaned with alcohol and soak in the brake fluid.

3. Main oil pump oil pool of brake fluid always keep in upper and lower boundaries between, below the limit soon after to add, in case of air into the system to produce gas resistance, cause brake failure.

4. In replace or add brake fluid, must be in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the operating instructions of motorcycle, choose the same specifications, the same brand of brake fluid. Various brands of brake fluid should not be mixed use and mixed deposited, lest produce chemical change and affect its performance. If you can’t buy with the original license plate number consistent brake fluid, had better choose synthetic brake fluid. Despite the high price of a few, but very good use effect. In the replacement brake fluid, must the system of the original brake fluid clear clean, and the system for a maintenance.

5. Motorcycle hydraulic system should be cleaned once a year, change a fresh brake fluid to remove old brake fluid of cement, water deposit and rubber particles, impurity, so that braking system often keep clean clear, to ensure safe and reliable braking system to use.

6. Replace brake fluid, the most important is must exhaust all air in the system. Now a brief introduction:
First should be the main pump oil pool of oil added first limit line, in points pump oil drain valve in place put tubing, and make points within the pump filled with oil. Then according to the following instructions.
A. hold brake handle, will be divided into pump oil drain valve loose half ring after tightening.
B. slowly loosen brake handle, and let it fall to its full recovery and maintain a number of seconds time.
C. Repeat a and b project operation, until the points pump oil drain valve in bubble take out so far.

Those who need a specification is, sometimes by the above operations, the main pump oil pool of oil will be reduced to a lower limit line nearby. At this time, should be added to the upper limit line. According to the points pump oil drain valve in the bubble burst, confirm air after all, then main pump oil pool plate installed.

In order to avoid water immersion, add or replace the operation of the brake fluid, best choice in air temperature is higher, humidity smaller sunny weather, and be careful not to use has been pumping out of the brake fluid. In the operating process, try not to will brake fluid spill on a motorcycle on any parts, because the brake fluid and etch the paint and rubber parts, if the brake fluid immodesty overflow, should wash it off with clean water immediately. At the same time should pay attention not to reservoir cover open time is too long, prevent moisture or dust into the brake system inside.

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