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How to solve Komatsu excavator PC200-7 the problem of high water temperature


Will my Komatsu PC200-7 working one hour or more, the water temperature began to rise, especially in the biggest fight throttle work can be elevated to the alarm, open the lid and better, the oil temperature is normal, tank washing, not dirty, fan belt all good, thermostat also torn down, I ask what is the problem? ?


In their daily work caused by engine temperature for many reasons:
1 Related parts thermostat open, cooling, no big circulation, thus would not achieve the role of heat and adjust the water temperature.
2, the cooling water system leaks.
3, fuel injection pump timing is inaccurate, premature ignition timing, it will produce a result of incomplete combustion and detonation phenomena caused by secondary ignition engine temperature, the ignition time is too late, resulting in incomplete combustion, the same cause engine temperature.
4 exhaust valve clearance gap is too large.
5 hydraulic system overload.
6 fan belt slipping so can cause the engine temperatures. Regions such as device operating at high temperatures, the temperature of the engine is particularly prominent, engine temperature and the ambient air temperature difference becomes small, resulting in poor heat dissipation cooling system, the engine power is reduced, thinning oil, pressure is reduced, increasing the parts of the wear, etc.,
This cause the engine temperature to the above phenomenon should strengthen the engine cooling system maintenance, always check and adjust the fan belt tightness to prevent the fan belt slipping reduce the cooling effect of the cooling system pipes and joints should be inspected regularly and found cracks and leaks should be immediately removed to maintain sufficient cooling water.

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