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Hydraulic tank breathing filter cleaning

Hydraulic tank breathing filter should be both familiar and strange, for everyone familiar is a twist a head to see we are in the cab, strange is seldom go to this aspect of the maintenance, but is breathing filter is very important, so what is a hydraulic breathing filter! Hydraulic system is sealed is known to all, the only channel communicates with the outside world is hydraulic breathing filter, because the hydraulic system used in the process of oil tank liquid level is floating up and down, to keep the fuel tank and the atmospheric pressure outside the same, so must be in the tank and creates a channel between the atmosphere, the breathing apparatus installed on the channel, so that you can take air in and out of the tank when the filter out small particles and the water, if the tank is not breathing apparatus, only channel oil will be pollution, not packed channel opening (tank), fuel tank pressure will change along with the change of liquid level, will affect the work of hydraulic system, it has hydraulic system must have the breath filter!

Hydraulic oil tank top will have this thing, just practice size is different, but the function is same

Like some machines can only change, can’t wash, also good I this machine can clean, saved a fee, wring and round with a screwdriver can disassemble cleaning, open before you wipe up, avoid dust into the hydraulic tank

This I did not open, plug into it with a towel, clean a few turns, be careful not to get the grey inside, the inside of the rubber mat also need to clean out

This is the rubber gasket, there are two pieces, each piece from top to bottom, used to withstand the middle of the filter, sealing role

This is the cover, the image above to see the rubber gasket is in the cover inside


This is the inside of the filter, the mesh structure

So good after cleaning, put away, to the right in the middle’

Then put the rubber cover, cover pack good, just finished, see above pictures, images, after I wash hands are oil cleaning process, can’t take pictures, please understanding, cleaning things I generally use gasoline, because gasoline cleaning effect is good, and no residual volatile air-dried, assembled again, is completed!

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