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JCB 240 and komatsu 160 using experience

1 Jcb use? Have seen before a 8056, listen to the driver said fuel consumption is so high!

Answer: what kind of work points. Because of working property different and different

2 160 cars and 200 more than, ok? Fuel consumption? Bucket capacity? Speed?

Answer: fuel consumption slightly a little higher, but to accept. Bucket capacity is 0.65, and a 0.85 [my the car, other car not clear ]

3 JCB car quality?

Answer:Quality pass, I this one defect is off speed, don’t know is which problem

4 Komatsu 160 fuel consumption? All the forearm straight, go back to the big forearm into 90 degrees when the forearm is will pause for a moment? After the said it was to save fuel, I think is a technical defects

Answer: don’t count the specific fuel consumption, no pause, after-sales, fuel-efficient is error, fuel-efficient is oil cylinder of the problem


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