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JCB ARTICULATED DUMP TRUCK 714 & 718 Circuit Diagram

Main Components
1 Battery Isolator
2 Battery
3 StarterMotor
4 Alternator
5 StarterSwitch
6 StarterRelay
7 Ignition Relay
8 Start Inhibit Relay
9 Shutdown Relay
10 Pre-heater
11 Body Up Switch
12 Diagnostic Tool Connector
13 Instrument Cluster and Monitoring System
14 Air Cleaner Blockage Switch
15 Brake Accumulator Pressure Sensor
16 Steer Pressure Sensor
17 Engine Oil Pressure Sensor
18 Emergency Steering Pressure Sensor
19 Fuel Level Sensor
P1 Cab Auxiliaries (50A)
P2 Instrument Cluster/Work Lights/Transmission
Controller (40A)
P3 Radio/Beacon/24 to 12V Convertor Lights (40A)
P4 Alternator (80A)
P5 Ignition Switch (50A)
A1 Ignition Relay
A2 Engine Stop
A3 Engine Start
A4 Pre-Heat
A5 EMS Ignition
A6 EMS Battery Backup

Electrics Circuit Diagram Download:

Main Components
20 Hazard Warning Switch
21 Indicator Switch
22 Brake Light Switch
23 Beacon Switch
24 Beacon Motor
25 Front Work Light Switch
26 Horn Switch
27 Horn
28 Body Lamp Switch
29 Side Lights Switch
30 Side Light Relay
31 Dip/Main Beam Switch
32 Fog Lamp Switch
33 Reversing Warning Horn Mute Relay
34 Reversing Warning Horn Latch Relay
35 Reversing Light Relay
36 Reversing Warning Horn
37 Reversing Warning Mute Switch
100 Front Indicator Light (LH)
101 Rear Indicator Light (LH)
102 Display Panel Repeater Lamp (LH)
103 Front Indicator Light (RH)
104 Rear Indicator Light (RH)
105 Display Panel Repeater Lamp (RH)
106 Rear Stop Light (RH)
107 Rear Stop Light (LH)
108 Beacon Light
109 Inner Light (RH)
110 Inner Light (LH)
111 Outer Light (RH)
112 Outer Light (LH)
113 Body Lamp
114 Front Side Light (LH)
115 Rear Side Light (LH)
116 Number Plate Light (LH)
117 Front Side Light (RH)
118 Rear Side Light (RH)
119 Number Plate Light (RH)
120 Main Beam Light (RH)
121 Main Beam Light (LH)
122 Dip Beam Light (RH)
123 Dip Beam Light (LH)
124 Fog Lamp
125 Reversing Light
A7 Beacon
A8 Front Work Lights
A9 Body Lamp
B1 Brake Lamps
B2 Reverse Lamp/Reverse Alarm
C1 Horn
F1 Hazard Lights
F2 Direction Indicator Lights
F3 LH Side Lights
F4 RH Side Lights
F5 Dip Beam
F6 Main Beam

Main Components
38 Wiper Switches
39 Front Wiper Motor
40 Front Screen Washer Pump Switch
41 Front Screen Washer Pump
42 Rear Wiper Relay
43 Front Wiper Relay
44 Rear Wiper/Screen Washer Switch
45 Rear Wiper Motor
46 Rear Screen Washer Pump Switch
47 Air Conditioning Blower Switch
48 Air Conditioning Switch
49 Air Conditioning Blower Motor
50 Air Conditioning Relay
51 Air Conditioning Low Pressure Switch
52 Air Conditioning High Pressure Switch
53 24V/12V Convertor
54 Radio/Cassette Player
55 Speakers
56 Cigar Lighter Element
57 Interior Light Switch
58 Interior Light Door Switch
59 Rear View Monitor
60 Rear View Camera
61 Park Brake Switch
62 Park Brake Solenoid
63 Park Brake Solenoid
64 Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch Solenoid
79 Heated Mirrors Switch
80 Heated Mirrors
81 Suspension Seat Compressor Motor
126 Interior Light
B3 Front Wash/Wipe
B4 Rear Wash/Wipe
B5 Heater/AC
B6 Radio/Interior Light/24 to 12 Convertor
B7 Rear Camera
B8 Park Brake
B9 Transmission Control System Ignition
C2 Heated Mirrors
C3 Transmission Control System Battery
C4 Suspension Seat
C5 Radio/Cigar Lighter (12V)

Electrics Circuit Diagram Download: 9803-7160-2


Main Components
65 Transmission Diagnostic Tool Connector
66 Transmission Shift Lever
67 Transmission Control Unit
68 Front Axle Connect Solenoid
69 Front Axle Connected Switch
70 Front Axle Connect Switch
71 Convertor Oil Temperature Sensor
72 Blocked Filter Switch
73 Engine Speed Sensor
74 Turbine Speed Sensor
75 Gear Chain Speed Sensor
76 Output Shaft Speed Sensor
77 Transmission Control Module
78 Sump Oil Temperature Sensor

Circuit Diagram – ADT 718 Machine Only Download: 9803-7160-3

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