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JCB Vibromax VMD70/VMD100 Service Repair Manual

This manual includes all the service and repair information about JCB Vibromax VMD70/VMD100 .

Machine Model and Serial Number

This manual provides information for the following model(s) in the JCB machine range:
– VMD70/100 from SN 1601000 to 1601999 and 2703000 to 2704999.

This is Manual Covers:

Section 1 – General Information
Section 2 – Care and Safety
Section 3 – Routine Maintenance

  • Service Requirements . 1-1
    Introduction 1-1
    Owner/Operator Support .1-1
    Service/Maintenance Agreements 1-1
    Initial Service and Inspection (250 Hours) .1-2
    Obtaining Replacement Parts 1-2
    Health and Safety 1-3
    Lubricants 1-3
    Battery .1-5
    Service Schedules . 1-7
    Introduction 1-7
    How to Use the Service Schedules .1-7
    Calendar Equivalents 1-7
    Pre-start Cold Checks, Service Points and Fluid Levels .1-8
    Functional Test and Final Inspection .1-10
    Fluids, Lubricants and Capacities 1-11
    Fuel .1-12
    Prepare the Machine for Maintenance 1-13
    Introduction 1-13
    How to Make the Machine Safe 1-13
    Cleaning the Machine 1-14
    Introduction 1-14
    Preparing the Machine for Cleaning 1-14

Section B – Body and Framework

  • Water Tank . B-2
    Removal . B-2
    Replacement B-2
    Sprinkler Bar . B-3
    Removal . B-3
    Replacement B-3
    Scraper Bar B-4
    Removal . B-4
    Replacement B-4
    Scraper Bar Assembly B-5
    Removal . B-5
    Replacement B-5
    Guiding Handle Assembly B-6
    Removal . B-6
    Replacement B-6
    Reverse Protection Plunger Assembly . B-7
    Removal . B-7
    Replacement B-7
    Side Plate . B-8
    Removal . B-8
    Replacement B-8

Section C – Electrics
Section E – Hydraulics
Section K – Engine
Section L – Vibration


The engine type for each model is shown below

Model             Engine
VM 70/100    1B40T-6

Engine RPM Settings

Model                   Engine             Working Speed
VMD 70/100      1B40T-6           2800 rpm


Publication No 9813/0300-1

File Format: PDF

Language: English

Size: 16MB


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