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JCB VMT860 Tier 3 Service Repair Manual

 Machine Model and Serial Number

This manual provides information for the following model(s) in the JCB machine range: – VMT 860 from SN 2802400

Basic Engine Data

Rated speed : 2200 rpm
Weight (Dry): 477 kg (1052 lb)
Number of cylinders: 4
Nominal bore size : 103 mm (4.055 in)
Stroke : 132 mm (5.16 in)
Cylinder arrangement: In line
Combustion : Cycle 4-stroke
Firing order (1 at front crankshaft pulley end): 1-3-4-2
Displacement : 4.40 litres
Compression ratio : 18.3 : 1
Engine Compression: see Note (1)
Direction of rotation (viewed from front {crankshaft pulley} end): Clockwise
Valves:4 per cylinder



JCB VMT860 Tier 3 Service Repair Manual


This is Manual Covers:

Section 1 – General Information
Section 2 – Care and Safety
Section 3 – Maintenance
Section C – Electrics
Section E – Hydraulics
Section H – Steering
Section K – Engine
Section L – Vibration

Number of pages:320
File Size: 146 MB

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