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John Deere excavator series 50 g, 60 g new product

John Deere recently released the latest 50 G and 60 G of small excavators, two new products to join John Deere G series products. 50 g and 60 g does a lot of improvements, including the design of the bridge, enhance the visibility, the driver operation comfort and productivity. These new models are very suitable for leasing, landscaping, underground, construction conditions and the narrow field of work.

John Deere excavator series 60 g

John Deere excavator series 50 g

According to the staff of the John Deere, the two new handsets to carry on the John Deere G series excavator’s success, in the process of research and development to listen to the views of the user. Include widening extended cab, improve operation comfort and satisfy Tier IV emission standards. Latest work between the two machines is good at close range and transport.
50 g (26.8 kw) and 60 g (39.6 kw) engine equipped with DOC/DPF post-processing equipment, to meet the Tier IV emissions requirements. In John Deere ITIV FTIV design is improved, on the basis of this design applied in new aircraft increase reliability. Both models use the function of automatic idle speed, reduces the engine fuel consumption and noise power disappears in a flash.
Two product is the biggest improvement design of the new cabin door, left the cockpit door entrance to the new design to improve the operator’s visibility, more easily in and out of the cab.
The size of the door increases, convenience into the cab. In the cab, multi-function display provides a new coolant temperature and fuel table, hours table, two speed control, automatic shutdown control, and other functions.
Accessories and options has strengthened the John Deere excavator product, these models can be equipped with an optional hydraulic adjustable Angle of the backfill blade, adjust the Angle of 25 degrees, backfill work more effective. In addition, a standard coupler contains all kinds of available accessories, such as hydraulic breaker and screw conveyor. The user can also choose the most suitable for their rubber tracks, steel rail and rail rubber mat can be used.

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