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John Deere introduced new E210(21ton) and E240(24),announced to enter the Chinese construction machinery market

Has been selling John Deere farm-based U.S. company, since last June in Tianjin, China completed construction machinery factory after he announced earlier this month to the Chinese market, launched two excavators and a loader. Both excavators are E210 (21 ton) and E240 (24-ton) crawler excavators, as well as a model for the WL56 5 ton wheel loaders. This represents several new John Deere full product line in China’s first batch of models. John Deere formally owned into the identity of Chinese construction machinery market.

E210, E240 excavators and loaders WL56 by the United States John Deere R & D design, its production base is located in China Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone. U.S. John Deere Company has set up John Deere in TEDA (Tianjin) Co., Ltd, John Deere (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. product research and development, John Deere Capital Leasing Co., Ltd., a total investment of nearly $ 170 million. Investment in production projects which include transmission projects, tractors project, project and construction machinery engine project. John Deere construction machinery factory mainly produces crawler excavators, wheeled excavators and wheel loaders. John Deere Company’s future plans in the zone construction products, testing and training center.

John Deere E210 (left) E240 (right) crawler excavator

E210(21ton) and E240(24)

E210(21ton) and E240(24)

E210 (112 kW), E240 (143kW ) two excavator equipped with a John Deere PowerTech, engine emission standards in line with EU two stages, and uses the hydraulic system power optimization matching control technology, making it the hydraulic system and engine-powered systems that can be combined to improve work efficiency, reduce energy consumption and improve performance. In addition, the machine has four power modes and three operating modes, the driver can choose according to the different conditions of different operating modes, enabling the efficiency of energy consumption and achieve the perfect balance.

E210 and E240 Excavator John Deere fully demonstrated mature technology, with reliable structural components, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, and chassis related components, and using a wet engine cylinder (in the cold), high-load cooling system has the characteristics of a long maintenance cycle, which further enhances the machine’s durability.

John Deere Wheel Loader WL56

John Deere Wheel Loader WL56

WL56 loader used John Deere PowerTech engines, with good reliability, long life characteristics. Even in extreme conditions, can still maintain its superior performance. The aircraft is equipped with four-speed German ZF transmission, shift very smooth. It also incorporates John Deere in the field of drive technology expertise accumulated experience. Up to half a century, John Deere has always been committed to developing the most advanced engineering mechanical transmission. This machine has a reliable high pressure hydraulic systems, and with a heavy, rigid structure and heavy bucket, so powerful, is unmatched in its class. This new loader is also equipped with heavy axle and brake, thereby maximizing uptime and apply life. In addition, WL56 is also easy to maintain and repair, simple, effectively reducing maintenance costs. Open service door design, easy access to each test point and the filter for routine checks and regular maintenance.

The aircraft spacious and comfortable cab, the inner fortification roll device (ROPS) and / Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS), and fully meet all the needs of the driver long operation. Including pilot control for easy operation Dual handles, adjustable high-back deluxe suspension seat, plenty of storage space, and drink cup holder. On the console in front of the instrument clear, intuitive and easy to read. In addition, the automotive-style multi-directional air vents to provide effective air circulation and comfortable operating environment.




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