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Kawasaki FD680V,FD731V Troubleshooting guide

1. Engine Troubleshooting Guide

If the engine malfunctions, check if the way the engine is used is correct. If engine malfunctions even if engine is used correctly, systematically carry out troubleshooting starting with simple points. This chart describes typical troubleshooting procedures. Do not unnecessarily disassemble carburetor, magneto or engine unless it has been found to be the cause of malfunctioning.

engine bard to start

engine loss power

engine runs erratically

engine malfunctions at high speed

engine malfunctions at low speed

fuel consumption is excessive

oil consumption is excessive

engine backfires

engine knocks

coolant leakage


2. Starter Motor Troubleshooting Guide

1. Disconnect spark plug cap, and ground the cap terminal.

2. Turn engine switch to “START” position and check condition.

starter does not rotate

starter rotates but slow

starter rotates but can not crank engine

starter does not stop in engine switch”off”




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