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kawasaki mule 610 manual: Engine Removal and Installation

kawasaki mule 610  Engine Removal



Battery Terminal Leads (see Electrical System chapter)

Cargo Bed
Guard Plate (see Frame chapter)
Exhaust Pipe (see Engine Top End chapter)
Torque Converter Case (see Converter System chapter)
Connecting Plate (see Transmission Case in the Trans-mission chapter)
Carburetor (see Fuel System chapter)
Link Bracket [A]
Starter Motor Lead [B] and Connector [C]
Alternator Lead Connector [D]
Ignition Coil Lead Connector [E]
Oil Temperature Sensor Lead Connector [F]
Hose [G]
Engine Mounting Bolts [A] (both sides)
Engine Ground Lead [B]
Engine [A]

kawasaki mule 610 Engine Installation


If the transmission case has not been removed, start from the step 2.
Step 1
•Mount the transmission case [A] with the rear axle brack-ets [B] on the swingarm.
•Tighten the rear axle bracket bolts [C] lightly by hand.
Step 2
•Mount the engine [D] on the swingarm.
•Install the engine mount bolts and tighten the nuts [E]
lightly by hand.
•Install the connecting plate [F] to the engine and trans-mission case so that the plate fits to the face shown by spigot joint areas [G].
•Apply a non-permanent locking agent:
Connecting Plate Bolts (M10) [H]
Connecting Plate Bolts (M8) [I]
•Install the washers and tighten the connecting plate bolts(M10 and M8) lightly by hand.
•Install the alignment jig [J] and tighten the bolts.

Special Tool – Alignment Jig: 57001-1631

•Tighten the bolts in the following order.
Torque – Connecting Plate Bolts (M10): 55 N·m (5.6 kgf·m,41 ft·lb)
Connecting Plate Bolts (M8): 28 N·m (2.9 kgf·m,21 ft·lb)
Engine Mounting Bolts and Nuts: 24.5 N·m (2.5kgf·m, 18 ft·lb)
Rear Axle Bracket Bolts: 34 N·m (3.5 kgf·m, 25ft·lb)
•Remove the alignment jig.


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