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Komatsu-10series excavator “new members”-PC138USLC-10

Recently komatsu the United States issued a PC138USLC – 10 koala type hydraulic excavator. PC138USLC – 10 operating weight range from 14.4 to 14.8 tons, meet the EPA rank 4 transitional period and the European Union three stage B emission standard.

PC138USLC – 10 equipped with komatsu SAA4D95LE – 6 engine, net power 93.5 horsepower (68.8 kw). SAA4D95LE – 6 is komatsu in its mature Tier 3 engine based on platform development, and in more environmental protection at the same time, keep the previous series of performance, but also reduce the daily cost and fuel consumption. Komatsu claim to reduce fuel consumption by 7%.

SAA4D95LE – 6 adopted advanced electronic control system, management air flow, fuel injection, combustion parameters and post-processing function, in order to optimize the performance, reduce emissions, and provide advanced diagnostic ability. The engine adopt new variable flow turbocharger, direct traffic air filter, high pressure common rail fuel injection and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) design, the result is accurate air flow management and more complete combustion, that don’t need particulate filter DPF. After treatment, SAA4D95LE – 6 adopted a new komatsu diesel catalyst (KDOC), which is an integrated design, this system USES 100% of the “passive regeneration” removal of ash particles and don’t need DPF. KDOC no change regularly interval, no maintenance and long service life. Means that the real seamless operation and complexity reduction and lower operation cost.
PC138USLC – 10 adopted efficient hydraulic system, the main parts include engine, hydraulic pump, motor and valve all by komatsu special design and manufacturing, the integrated design USES a closed center load sensing hydraulic system, hydraulic efficiency raised to a new level. Still used at the same time variable speed matching and low speed matching technology. Variable speed matching according to the hydraulic pump output to adjust engine speed and low speed matching to the engine at low speed generates high pump output.
Like the previous eight series, PC138USLC – and the use of unique edge bridge design, because to make the bridge and weight have the same radius of gyration. The design of the equipment and make it can better operation in a narrow area, in order to minimize turning radius. Equipped with standard additional weight, PC138USLC – 10 with traditional excavator to provide the same level of lifting ability and stability, and at the same time both koala excavator versatility. The blade as optional equipment for rapid backfill, crawler plate also can choose rubber or steel to match the application requirements.
PC138USLC – 10 bridge for driver provides a comfortable, quiet working environment, can maximize productivity. The new 7 inches color display has increased ability and support 25 languages. The driver can easily from the six working mode choose the matching using the machine performance. Display also provides operation efficiency guidance, can view operation records, fuel consumption records and application information.
In the maintenance, PC138USLC – 10 can easily access to maintenance point, in order to reduce down time. Radiator and hydraulic oil cooler side by side with convenient installation maintenance.
In the information management, komatsu equipment management monitoring system EMMS and health check and monitoring systems are KOMTRAX with standard, make the machine more effective and convenient to use, maximize efficiency.
In general, PC138USLC – 10 is PC138LC – and upgrade products, mainly for the American market, suitable for cities, narrow conditions, and is a practical and easy-to-use tool.

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