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Komatsu hydraulic excavator galeo pc2000-8 serial numers 20001 and up shop repair service manual download

This Komatsu hydraulic excavator galeo pc2000-8 shop manual contains the necessary technical information for services performed in a workshop. For ease of understanding, the manual is divided into the following sections.

00. Index and foreword This section explains the shop manuals list, table of contents, safety, and basic information.

01. Specification This section explains the specifications of the machine. 10. Structure, function and maintenance standard This section explains the structure, function, and maintenance standard values of each component. The structure and function sub-section explains the structure and function of each component. It serves not only to give an understanding of the structure, but also serves as reference material for troubleshooting. The maintenance standard sub-section explains the criteria and remedies for disassembly and service.

20. Standard value table This section explains the standard values for new machine and judgement criteria for testing, adjusting, and troubleshooting. This standard value table is used to check the standard values in testing and adjusting and to judge parts in troubleshooting.

30. Testing and adjusting This section explains measuring instruments and measuring methods for testing and adjusting, and method of adjusting each part. The standard values and judgement criteria for testing and adjusting are explained in Testing and adjusting.

40. Troubleshooting This section explains how to find out failed parts and how to repair them. The troubleshooting is divided by failure modes. The “S mode” of the troubleshooting related to the engine may be also explained in the Chassis volume and Engine volume. In this case, see the Chassis volume.

50. Disassembly and assembly This section explains the special tools and procedures for removing, installing, disassembling, and assembling each component, as well as precautions for them. In addition, tightening torque and quantity and weight of coating material, oil, grease, and coolant necessary for the work are also explained.

90. Diagrams and drawings (chassis volume)/Repair and replacement of parts (engine volume) q Chassis volume This section gives hydraulic circuit diagrams and electrical circuit diagrams. q Engine volume This section explains the method of reproducing, repairing, and replacing parts.

Any additions, revisions, or other change of notices will be sent to KOMATSU distributors. Get the most up-to-date information before you start any work.

File by the brochures in the correct order of the form number printed in the shop manual composition table.

  • Revised edition mark

When a manual is revised, the ones and tens digits of the form number of each brochure is
increased by 1. (Example: 00, 01, 02 …)

  • Revisions

Revised brochures are shown in the shop manual composition table.

Important safety and quality portions are marked with the following symbols so that the shop manual will be used practically.

In this shop manual, the units are indicated with International System of units (SI). For reference, conventionally used Gravitational System of units is indicated in parentheses { }.

Undercarriage and frame 1

Undercarriage and frame


  • 00 Index and foreword SEN01608-06
  • Index SEN01609-06
  • Foreword and general information SEN01610-02
  • 01 Specification SEN01611-01
  • Specification and technical data SEN01612-01
  • 10 Structure, function and maintenance standard SEN01613-02
  • Engine and cooling system SEN01614-00
  • Power train SEN01615-00
  • Undercarriage and frame SEN01616-00
  • Hydraulic system, Part 1 SEN01618-02
  • Hydraulic system, Part 2 SEN01619-01
  • Hydraulic system, Part 3 SEN01620-01
  • Work equipment SEN01621-02
  • Cab and its attachments SEN01622-00
  • Electrical system SEN01623-01
  • 20 Standard value table SEN01624-00
  • Standard service value table SEN02006-00
  • 30 Testing and adjusting SEN01625-00
  • Testing and adjusting, Part 1 SEN02007-00
  • Testing and adjusting, Part 2 SEN02008-00
  • Testing and adjusting, Part 3 SEN02009-00
  • Testing and adjusting, Part 4 SEN02010-00
  • 40 Troubleshooting SEN01626-00
  • Failure code table and fuse locations SEN02011-00
  • General information on troubleshooting SEN02012-00
  • Troubleshooting by failure code, Part 1 SEN02096-00
  • Troubleshooting by failure code, Part 2 SEN02097-00
  • Troubleshooting by failure code, Part 3 SEN02098-00
  • Troubleshooting by failure code, Part 4 SEN02099-00
  • Troubleshooting by failure code, Part 5 SEN02100-00
  • Troubleshooting by failure code, Part 6 SEN02101-00
  • Troubleshooting by failure code, Part 7 SEN02102-00
  • Troubleshooting of electrical system (E-mode) SEN02103-00
  • Troubleshooting of hydraulic and mechanical system (H-mode) SEN02104-00
  • Troubleshooting of mechanical system (S-mode) SEN02105-00
  • 50 Disassembly and assembly SEN01627-01
  • General information on disassembly and assembly SEN02133-00
  • Engine and cooling system (12V140E-3) SEN02134-01
  • Engine (12V140E-3) SEN02135-01
  • Power train SEN02136-00
  • Undercarriage and frame SEN02137-00
  • Hydraulic system SEN02138-00
  • Work equipment SEN02139-00
  • Cab and its attachments SEN02140-00
  • Electrical system SEN02141-00
  • 90 Diagrams and drawings SEN01628-03
  • Hydraulic diagrams and drawings SEN01629-00
  • Electrical diagrams and drawings SEN01630-03

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