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Komatsu new WA320 wheel loader

Recently, komatsu introduced 15 ton wheel loader WA320-7, the latest products to replace and WA320PZ WA320-6-6. WA320-7 overall weight is 15.3 tons, net power to 165 HP (123 kw). Komatsu said WA320 compared to 6, the aircraft fuel consumption is reduced up to 10%.

WA320-7 is the komatsu engine used SAA6D107E – 2, the engine meet the environmental protection agency Tier 4 Stage 3 b grade transition and the European Union emissions standards, using advanced electronic control air flow, fuel injection, combustion and exhaust aftertreatment system management, to optimize performance, reducing emissions, reduced fuel consumption, and provides the advanced diagnostic ability. Hydraulic drive of komatsu variable geometry turbocharger (KVGT) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve, better precision and air management, and more long component life. Komatsu diesel particulate filter (KDPF) is an integrated design, able to passive regeneration without the need for a high proportion of daily intervention.
In addition to more fuel-efficient, the new loader also improves the working efficiency and operating comfort, maintainability has been enhanced, maximize the productivity, reduce the operating costs at the same time.

WA320-7 is still adopted the static hydraulic transmission system, but has been upgraded to the third generation, improve the performance of the pump in order to get higher efficiency and responsiveness, and when the accelerator is released automatically braking effect, so that the brake pads wear almost eliminated, this enhancement of control is particularly important for the strain of the workplace.
Static hydraulic drive system USES a komatsu traction control system (K – TCS), electronic control, can work effectively in the loose or slippery ground. Simplify the traction control has three modes: MAX, AUTO and S – mode. Variable speed control (VSC) allows the driver to set the maximum speed of 13 kilometers, in some occasions need to slowly forward. For a slower speed, even set a top speed of 4 km crawling speed.
WA320-7 also equipped with komatsu SmartLoader intelligent logic system, can effective management of the engine output torque, that match the job requires optimal engine torque. Working in the machine when the load is lighter, will automatically reduce the engine torque to conserve fuel. SmartLoader is automated and does not need to intervene, in not reduce productivity under the premise of saving fuel.
Working device, WA320 parallel Z – 7 using the multi-function lever (PZ). It has the advantage that can parallel lifting bucket and high turn over power to deal with the large attachment. PZ bar also provides greater force, facilitate faster to fill up the bucket, is the ideal choice of the loading and earthwork materials operations, compared WA320PZ – 6, the lifting force increased by 10%.
WA320-7 provides the driver with more comfortable and more quiet working environment and to maximize productivity. By reducing the windshield and a redesigned dashboard allows vision improved. New design seat right console has an integrated multifunctional device to control the joystick to the work. Also added a auxiliary input interface can connect MP3 player or other device, also provides two interface of 12 v.
High resolution of 7 inch LCD monitor with enhanced functionality and support 25 languages. Drivers can easily modify Settings, such as the new automatic idle shutdown or automatic inversion of fan. Can also check the operating records, such as working hours or the consumption of fuel, monitoring KDPF soot, or check the maintenance intervals. The display also provides guidance for selecting the use ECO for the pilot, in order to reduce fuel consumption. In addition, the rear view camera of high resolution has become the standard.
Maintainability, WA320-7 provides the convenience of service performance, in order to reduce downtime. Enhances the cooling capacity, cooling fin spacing is bigger, automatic inversion of fan can help to maintain the cleanness of the radiator. Komatsu EMMS (equipment) monitoring and control system provides enhanced diagnostic function, make the pilots and technicians have more powerful monitoring and troubleshooting skills. EMMS and continuous monitoring of all critical systems and maintenance plan, and provide troubleshooting assistance, to minimize the diagnosis and repair time.
WA320-7 is equipped with the latest health check system, the technology is now with Tier 4 emission technology integration, komatsu machine run will use wireless technology to send information to a secure website. Working time, fuel consumption, work place, matters needing attention and maintenance warnings and other data will be forwarded to the Web application is analyzed. Health check of vehicle monitoring system to improve the availability of the machine, reduce the risk of theft, the machine distributor can carry out remote diagnosis, and provide a wealth of other information, to help improve efficiency and productivity of the machine
Anyhow, WA320-7 embodies the komatsu in lowering their total cost of ownership, efforts to improve fuel efficiency and productivity, is the ideal choice for small project.

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