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Ktm 125/144/150/200 sx,sxs,mxc,egs,exc,exc six days,xc,xc-w repair manual 1999-2010

These  Service Repair Manuals contain everything you will ever need to know to fix anything on your Ktm 125/144/150/200 sx,sxs,mxc,egs,exc,exc six days,xc,xc-w. Complete service repair workshop manual for the:

125/144/150/200 SX, SXS, MXC, EGS, EXC, EXC SIX DAYS, XC, XC-W

This is the same manual dealerships use to repair your Ktm. Manual covers all the topics like: removing and refitting engine, general information,bleeding the hydraulic clutch ,dismounting the clutch slave cylinder,servicing individual components,assembling the engine,electrical,trouble shooting, fuel system,wiring diagrams etc.

This repair manual offers extensive repair-instructions and is an up-to-date version that describes the latest models of the series. However, the right to modifications in the interest of technical improvement is reserved without updating the current issue of this manual. A description of general working procedures common in workshops has not been included. Safety rules common in the work shop have also not been listed. We take it for granted that the repairs are made by qualified professionally trained mechanics.

Ktm 125 144 150 200 sx,sxs,mxc,egs,exc,exc six days,xc,xc-w repair manual 1999-2010

Ktm 125 144 150 200 sx,sxs,mxc,egs,exc,exc six days,xc,xc-w repair manual 1999-2010

common Ktm 125/144/150/200 sx,sxs,mxc,egs,exc,exc six days,xc,xc-w searches:

TROUBLE 1.Why the Engine fails to start

CAUSE:Operating error,Fuel supply interrupted,Electrode distance too great,Plug fouled by oil, wet or bridged.Ignition wire or spark plug,connector damaged ,Kill button wire or short-circuit switch faulty,Loose ignition cable connectors,Spark too weak,Water in the carburetor and jets,blocked


Open fuel tap, switch on ignition, refill fuel, do not use choke,Close fuel tap, loosen fuel hose at carburettor, lead into a basin and open fuel tap,
– if fuel leaks out, clean carburettor
–if no fuel leaks out, check tank ventilation, i.e. clean fuel tap
Reduce electrode distance (0.60 mm),Clean spark plug or renew ,Dismount spark plug, connect ignition cable, hold to ground(blank place on engine) and kick the kickstarter, a strong spark must be produced at the spark plug
–If no spark is produced, loosen spark plug cap from ignition
cable, hold about 5 mm from ground and kick thekickstarter
– If a spark is produced, replace spark plug cap
– If no spark is produced, check the ignition system
Disconnect yellow-black coloured cable from CDI and check ignition spark. If the spark is O.K. repair defective part of the cable, ignition lock or ignition switch Inspect cable connectors ,Examine ignition system ,Dismantle and clean carburetor

TROUBLE 2.Engine fails to idle

CAUSE:Idle adjusting screw out of adjustment ,Ignition system damaged ,Wear(Readjust idle running or replace idle adjusting screw ,Examine ignition system ,Overhaul engine)

TROUBLE 3.Engine lacks power

CAUSE:Charred glass fiber yarn in silencer,Air filter blocked,Control flap does not work,Fuel supply partly interrupted or,blocked ,Loss of compression through loose,spark plug,Exhaust system damaged,Engine ignition timing faulty(Renew filling ,Clean or renew airfilter ,Check control flap, joint rod and centrifugal timer ,Blow through fuel pipe and clean carburetor ,Tighten spark plug ,Check exhaust system for damage,Check and adjust ignition)

TROUBLE 4.Engine lacks power

CAUSE:Reed paddles tensionless or,damaged, surface of reed valve,housing damaged ,Wear,Electronical ignition timing faulty (Replace reed paddles or reed valve housing ,Overhaul engine ,Have ignition system checked)

TROUBLE 5.Engine does not rev high

CAUSE:Carburetor overflows if level is,adjusted too high, float needle,seating is dirty or enlarged,Loose carburetor jets(Clean carburetor, if necessary replace float needle and,adjust level ,Tighten jets)

TROUBLE 6.High rpm misfiring

CAUSE:Incorrect heat range spark plug or ,low quality spark plug,Incorrect or faulty spark plug,connector,Loose, corroded or non conductive,ignition socket connector(Refer to technical data section ,Test and/or replace spark plug connectors with correct type,Check and seal with silicon)

TROUBLE 7.Engine splutters

CAUSE:Lack of fuel,Spark plug with incorrect heat,value (Ignition by incandescence),Engine takes air out of control(Clean fuel pipes, examine tank aeration and clean,Fit correct spark plug ,Check intake flange and carburetor if firmly setted)

TROUBLE 8.Engine overheating

CAUSE:Insufficient liquid in cooling,system,Cooling system not or insuffici-ently bleeded,Radiator fins clogged,Frothing in cooling system,Pinched or kinked water hoses,Incorrect ignition timing because,of loose stator bolts,Incorrect dimension X“(Top up coolant and check cooling system for leaks ,Bleed cooling system (see operating instructions),Clean radiator with water jet,Renew coolant using branded anti-freeze/anti-corrosive,Replace with correct routed hoses ,Readjust to correct ignition timing specifications, secure,bolts properly with Loctite 243,Measure and adjust to correct specifications)

TROUBLE 9.Emission of white smoke (steam)

CAUSE:Cylinder head or cylinder head,gasket leaks(Check cylinder head, replace cylinder head gaske)

TROUBLE 10.Emission of white smoke (steam)

CAUSE:Excessive oil quantity in,transmission,Water pump shaft seal ring or right-hand crankshaft seal ring defect(Correct transmission oil level ,Replace shaft seal ring and change gear oil, check coolant )

TROUBLE 11.All switched on lamps blown out

CAUSE:Voltage regulator faulty(Check control connections of voltage regulator)


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