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Liugong CLG836 use report – 193 hours

Liugong CLG836 liugong as a main models, has many loyal users, so the use of these machines users actually is how to evaluate? Today repair-guidebook.com will introduce the liugong CLG836, the liugong CLG836 from my friend, in 2012, 3.4USD to buy, it has been used almost 200 hour, main work is in the red brick factory, the machine daily work belongs to the operation condition of the high strength and high load conditions, now red brick factory normal production depends on the liugong CLG836 daily 1 to 2 hours of digging out the dirt. So nearly one year’s time the loader to use for 193 hours.

Liugong CLG836

Liugong CLG836

Liugong CLG836 use report - 193 hoursLiugong CLG836

The basic configuration
Bucket volume is 1.7 m after the machine, bucket teeth with special bucket tooth, liugong characteristic is different from general use screw fastening of dipper teeth, this is with a rectangular bolt fixed dipper teeth; Advantage is change very convenient disassembly, defect is easy to loose, members feel liugong the dipper teeth is not very practical.

The wear-resisting, in order to strengthen the bucket cutting teeth for bucket cutting teeth of the shovel adds a layer of wear-resistant welding rod, improving the wear-resisting degree of the shovel.

Liugong CLG836

Tip  pin retainer and big forearm between the gap is too big, it’s easy to have sediment into the tip pin retainer cause wear and tear, the solution is using the old “conveyor belt” right size tip pin retainer clearance, effect is very good.

Liugong CLG836

Bucket of side plate is very thin, users need to for reinforcement.

Liugong CLG836

Arm is very thick, uninstall the height is 3211 mm, longer than ordinary version of the extended the 50 mm, corresponding price also increased.

Liugong CLG836

Whole length to 6880 mm, width is 2300 mm, the machine height is 3297 mm, is 17.5-25 normal tire.

Liugong CLG836

Whole length to 6880 mm, width is 2300 mm, the machine height is 3297 mm, is 17.5-25 normal tire.

Steering system: adopting the double oil cylinder hydraulic steering; Turn to is steady, but the direction of lay particular stress on, two oil cylinder there are traces of the spill, calling the liugong after-sales service, will reply within two days to deal with this problem. Liugong 836 hydraulic tubing aspects arrangement in perfect order, the hinge to be on the side of the hydraulic tubing does not have abrasion conditions of each other. Widen the hinge to be suitable for heavy industrial and mining, for instantaneous overload construction has good resistance to overload ability. User feels very thin board – hinge, hope liugong strengthen board – hinge materials.

Below is turned to the inside of the cylinder and sway standplug, those places are very difficult to play to the butter before are concentrated in butter tube derivation, convenient filling butter, very humane design.

Gearbox is liugong dedicated BS305 planetary power shift gearbox, two forward gears and one reverse gear box has low brake pressure protection design, such as brake pressure below 0.4 MPa, automatic gearbox GuaKongDang, can more effectively implement emergency braking, safety.

Drive axle is liugong dedicated drive axle.

Braking system: crane brake with gas-cap oil four-wheel disc brakes, use liugong special ZL50C2. 2 round edge (clamp style) brake, brake caliper and inside of the brake disc is located in tire rims, effectively prevent the sediment of brake pads and brake disc wear and tear, improve the braking performance and service life. The disadvantage is that maintenance the brake when you need to remove tires. Hand brake also have the improvement, a hand brake and parking brake braking, brake pressure at the same time from the transmission hydraulic control valve into the air, car GuaKongDang.

The cab
Users feel cab handrail is too high, location design too partial, get on the car is easy to lose balance, there is a potential safety hazard.

Cab at the lower left is the hydraulic oil tank, the lower is the air tank, water is very convenient.

The whole cab glass is with a little blue uv glass. Before the old bridge paint blue color is feeling not good-looking, now the classic fashionable black, very fashion and beautiful appearance. Look again at the cab interior, before and after the seats can be adjust, belt suspension damping sofa, and equipped with handrails, very comfortable seats. Under the seat is warm air blower assembly, winter is very comfortable to stay in the cockpit.

Dashboard: timer is the key and walking, lack of the engine oil pressure gauge, warning lights only, instead. Feel too simplifies, hope the factory can improve.
User reflect lay particular stress on the steering wheel, gear shift rod is not clear, the user reflect just buy back easily to put forward 1 gear when the hang between 1 and 2 file, worried about damage to the transmission. User hope product can change and liugong forklift 50 gear operation, avoid the driver’s wrong operation.

Below is light, and lighting the combined operating lever of the headlights, windshield wipers, horn.

Below is great lower lever, below its lubricating grease nipple. Box before and after the above is the headlight switch button, open the box is the fuse box of circuit system.

Inside the cab designed on a human scale. Thanks – the hooks

The engine
This machine adopts the Weichai “according to Mr TaoTD226B – 6 supercharged diesel engine, Germany is designed, according to German quality standards. Low emission, meet EURO I emission standards. Winter is very good start engine, power is big, and the electromagnetic valve shut down. Users reflect the diesel pump in use process there was a slight spill phenomenon, only diesel pump a little oily be soiled, no oil drop down has no effect on the engine, so also did not deal with. After user first maintenance engine oil there is leakage of oil pipe, the last is too much oil, the maintenance.
Users to 200 hours engine not seen in other conditions. Liugong 836 engine and space of the hood is open, convenient maintenance, was a bit on the high side on fuel consumption, fuel consumption per hour at around 10 l.

Diesel fuel tank underneath their weight, capacity is 150 l, the diesel oil tank no mouth, and don’t know know when refueling diesel oil added to which position. The cap design is not good, the light oil smooth, no non-slip concave and convex surface. Every time go to twist the cap is very difficult.

Liugong is a great cooling system, water tank water temperature and torque converter oil temperature does not exceed 80 degrees.

To the left of the battery case is located in the counterweight, lid is tighten the four screws, just buy back when the user for each add butter, all screws to prevent rust, now using a wrench, loosen a bit can easily remove the screw reoccupy finger.
Battery is liugong dedicated two 12 v90ah dry and maintenance-free battery, the battery quality is very good. Counterweight to the right of the tool box is full of cement; Used to increase the weight.

Maintenance problems
User is ahead of maintenance, maintenance engine maintenance is for the first time in more than 60 hours, bucket pin easy into the sediment of the part with “conveyor belt”. Brake air tank about once every 50 hours in boiling water, bucket pin needs lubrication place beat butter every day, and the battery case cover screws just buy when I come back with butter, butter and battery terminal also be wiped out for anticorrosion measures. Water tank, engine oil, and each pipe will be checked regularly.
User to summarize
Liugong CLG836 advantages:
Looks good, clear line of sight, cabin comfort. Braking performance is reliable and durable, chooses weifang diesel engine Weichai “according to Mr TaoTD226B – 6 supercharged diesel engine, transmission and drive axle configurations liugong professional design and manufacture of high reliable, high strength reserve of the transmission and drive axle. Bridge box is its biggest selling point.
Liugong CLG836 faults:
Bucket cutting design is bad, the tip teeth pin retainer and the big arm’s gap is big. Bucket edge plate and hinge of hinged plate needs to be strengthened, on the armrest too partial has certain security hidden danger, forward gears gear is not very clear.


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