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Loader simple fault repair

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Loaders in the course will inevitably encounter some minor problems, the driver understand some of the most common problems, and they can repair and maintenance, and prepare some loader accessories are necessary.

Loader simple fault repair


Example 1: loader gearbox sudden noise, speed plummeted how to do ?
When the loader at higher speeds , suddenly issued a larger part in the gearbox mechanical noise, then plummeted like a vehicle is braked wildly , then release the throttle , stopped the car , do not pick gear, idling while, abnormal noise disappears. Then depress the throttle , the locomotive traveling back to normal.
If this phenomenon occurs when the ground is due to the roller clutch issuing phenomenon has caused . The rollers should be inoperative position and now stuck in the working position , so that the original does not participate in the work of a turbine output gear and overrunning clutch outer ring gear to work intermittently , causing the gear to issue a large crash , and produce more large braking force .
Example 2: Loader has put up the block, but the loader running fatigue, can not even walk. For the following reasons :
( 1 ) badly worn friction plate , the gap is too large.
( 2 ) Mifengbuyan clutch automatic emptying valve , the pressure drop.
( 3 ) shift control valve pipe blockage .
( 4 ) shut-off valve can not return .
( 5 ) shift valve positioning spring fatigue or broken , ball beating.
( 6 ) clutch piston rings, seals badly worn , so serious leak .

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