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Mine Dump Truck Unit Rig brand into history

April 2, 2013, Caterpillar officially announced its Unit Rig brand product line and to Ru Kate brand product line. This marks with 50 years of history Mining dump truck Herald, Unit Rig brand formally withdraw from the stage of history. In fact, for the industry, it is not surprising that only a matter of time.

Way back 50 years ago, GE engage in their own electric wheel dump truck is not satisfied merely to provide electric wheel, mining dump truck pattern in the world will not like this. GE is now plot through the acquisition of small companies rounded out the mining equipment market, do not know how many times more difficult than half a century ago.

In fact, over the years, the Unit Rig has been in the embarrassing situation of shrinking market share, the era of the early going it alone due to intense competition, it is easy to succeed. (Komatsu) With Haulpak’s rise of CAT,, and later WISEDA (Liebherr), the day is not so better. Advanced concept cars in Haulpak later Komatsu support; Carter has its own engine and transmission, and not rely on others; original technology WISEDA, later Liebherr support. And Unit Rig isolated missed, engines, electric wheel, electrical systems are dependent on others, they can only do the overall design, as well as the frame, suspension systems, like some domestic manufacturers.

A single product line manufacturers often escape the fate of being acquired, the Unit Rig Terex post-acquisition, its products become the Terex full part of the solution, only solve part of the problem of selling, the key components of the kinds of problemsnot been changed since the Terex play capital, it can not resolve these difficult issues. In the era of Terex Unit Rig has a joint venture in China, laid for the future the northern heavy truck launched the NET series and Carter’s troubles foreshadowing.

In the short Bucyrus era, not only the fundamental problem is not resolved, Unit Rig and even brands are gone. Until Carter intervention to restore the brand. However, and before two club, Carter own mining dump truck product line, it will not allow the Unit Rig brand and Carter brand competition, and is not a separate entity, a brand will not last long.

CAT’s strategy is to Unit Rig product line as a supplement to the CAT product line to meet the environmental protection less demanding, price-sensitive user needs.The same time, Carter’s tradition is not dependent on others, preserving only the best-selling 220 tons a very MT4400 model and Carter of content to keep the original frame, suspension, cab design, engine and an electricround and electrical systems all switch to CAT products. After transformation, the MT4400 become MT4400D AC, with the same idea at the same time, new developments MT5300D AC, only magnified MT4400D AC model.

In Tucson Proving Ground, MT4400D AC nearly a year of testing, MT5300D AC test time is shorter, the MINExpo period last year, CAT to show customers the new products.CAT announced that Unit Rig product line and Ru Kate product line also revealed that the new product will not be produced in Mexico, and the to other Carter dump truck production in Decatur, is expected to market next year.

We can expect that the MT product line with the actual situation may develop other tonnage of products in the market success.

Unit Rig also tells us that power and importance of the transmission system for construction machinery, the frame is very important, but does not have its own power and transmission, it is not easy to be a integrators, in free economic conditions either bigger orreduced to a supplier or disappear.


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