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Mitsubishi FD60 FD70 Chassis, Mast & Attachments and S6S S6S-T Diesel Engine Service Manual

This service manual is a guide for servicing Mitsubishi forklift trucks. For your convenience the instructions are grouped by systems as a ready reference. The long productive life of your forklift truck(s) depends on regular and proper servicing. Servicing consistent with what you will learn by reading this service manual. Read the respective sections of this manual carefully and familiarize yourself with all of the components before attempting to start a test, repair or rebuild job. The descriptions, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are for trucks with serial numbers in effect at the time of printing. Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks reserves the right to change specifications or design without notice and without incurring obligation. The trucks listed in this manual are powered by S6S diesel engines. For the engine servicing, please refer to the applicable engine service manual.Read this manual carefully and understand the work procedures fully before disassembling, inspecting, repairing or reassembling the engine. The contents of the manual are based on the engine models that are being produced at the time of publication. Due to improvements made thereafter, the actual engine that you work on may differ partially from the one described in this manual.

Mitsubishi Chassis, Mast & Options

  • FD60 F20C-20001-up
  • FD70 F20C-70001-up
  • FD60 F20C-10001-up
  • FD70 F20C-60001-up

For use with the S6S Engine Controls Service Manual. 99709-57100


S6S-T Diesel Engine For use with FD60, FD70, FD70E Chassis Service Manual.

This Manual Covers:

Chassis, Mast and Options: General Information
Chassis, Mast and Options: Cooling System
Chassis, Mast and Options: Electrical System
Chassis, Mast and Options: Wiring Schematic
Chassis, Mast and Options: Power Train
Chassis, Mast and Options: PowerShift Transmissions
Chassis, Mast and Options: Front Axle and Reduction Differential
Chassis, Mast and Options: Rear Axle
Chassis, Mast and Options: Brake System
Chassis, Mast and Options: Steering System
Chassis, Mast and Options: Hydraulic System
Chassis, Mast and Options: Mast and Forks
Chassis, Mast and Options: Fork Positioner
Chassis, Mast and Options: Side Shifter
Chassis, Mast and Options: Service Data

S6S-T Diesel Engine: Introduction
S6S-T Diesel Engine: General
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Service Data
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Service Tools
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Determination of Overhaul
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Disassembly of Overhaul
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Disassembly of Basic Engine
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Inspection and Repair of Basic Engine
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Reassembly of Basic Engine
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Fuel System
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Lubrication System
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Cooling System
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Inlet and Exhaust Systems
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Electrical System
S6S-T Diesel Engine: Adjustment and Operation

S6S Diesel Engine: Introduction
S6S Diesel Engine: General Information
S6S Diesel Engine: Maintenance Standards
S6S Diesel Engine: Special Tools
S6S Diesel Engine: Overhaul Instructions
S6S Diesel Engine: Testing and Adjusting
S6S Diesel Engine: Engine Accessory Removal and Installation
S6S Diesel Engine: Engine Proper
S6S Diesel Engine: Air Inlet and Exhaust Systems
S6S Diesel Engine: Lubrication System
S6S Diesel Engine: Cooling System
S6S Diesel Engine: Fuel System
S6S Diesel Engine: Electrical System
S6S Diesel Engine: Alternator (Standard)
S6S Diesel Engine: Glow Plug Inspection
S6S Diesel Engine: Alternator (Option)
S6S Diesel Engine: Workshop Theory

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