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Motorcycle acceleration weak fault analysis and elimination

Motorcycle rev. Step difficulties, grade ability is poor, goose when speed slow response, it is difficult to drive within the prescribed time reach the highest speed or completely reach the highest speed, mainly motorcycle acceleration weak fault. Influence the performance of motorcycle acceleration main original trapped have oil circuit reason, high voltage ignition circuit reason. Mechanical reason, human reason, etc.
A, oil circuit reason
1. Lean oil. Mixture into thin cause ignition after the outbreak of gas acting on the piston thrust is insufficient, and make combustion time lengthen, engine overheating fault, etc. The judgment, the reasons for poor in oil in operation of accelerating bad, with the hand toggle throttle or pump oil, the accelerated appear better. And do not use crowding mixture and accelerated appear the phenomenon of the weak, then we can. Said motorcycle in lean oil state. Poor in oil, many reasons, mainly can be divided into the following: (1) the carburetor reason: the main oil needle adjust: low; Oil adjustment plane low; Main orifice partially blocked; Carburetor interface loose gas leak; Air filter not pack; Tank fuel switch oil supply impeded.
(2) two stroke engine crank case sealed bad: generator side crankshaft oil seal failure leak; Crankcase raphe joint surface gas leak; Crankcase and cylinder joint surface gas leakage or piston assembly direction wrong (not according to mark assembly, mainly refers to two blunt car).
(3) two stroke engine reed valve reason: reed valve damage; Rotary valve installed back, cause the carburetor jet.
2, the rich oil. Mixture too thick cause motorcycle’s low speed accelerated weakness. Because of the mixture too thick ignition outbreak lack of sufficient oxygen, causes the mixture combustion is not completely, make the power decrease and economic performance variation, easy to produce a large number of carbon deposit jam exhaust, more the acceleration of the phenomenon of the weak. Fold in points in the judgment can be found easily spark plug oil, carbon black deposit good surface, operation of silencer smoke supernormal, appear shooting. And fuel ultra-consumption, but slightly rich oil on high speed running the impact is not big, operation of closed throttle can make the failure phenomenon aggravate. Rich oil for many reasons, mainly from the following several aspects to be inspected:
(1) the air filter is blocked; Carburetor plane is too high; Carburetor float oil spill; Carburetor Lord measured KongSong off; Carburetor crowding system reset is bad. Carburetor main air orifice obstruction.
(2) fuel quality is bad: gasoline label is wrong, can cause deflagration; Gas storage extended, produce decomposition, calorific value down; Oil in water to make the engine work discontinuous and appear shooting phenomenon; Gasoline has other components.

Second, the circuit reason
1. High voltage spark bad. High voltage power, for ignition system high and low voltage components and circuit so observation can cause high pressure jump fire discontinuous, cause engine smell from work speed up weakness; High voltage spark red, weak, for ignition circuit electrical components and line fault caused by high voltage is too weak to make the engine work bad. Cause high voltage spark bad main reason mainly has the following points, which should be paid attention to in practical maintenance; Check the following items:
(1) spark plug work bad salted clearance wrong;
(2) the high tension line and high pressure cap leakage;
(3) high pressure coil leakage and internal moisture;
(4) the igniter fault;
(5) charging coil, and trigger coil work bad;
(6) platinum clearance wrong and working bad;
(7) capacitor damage and take iron bad;
(8) low pressure ignition line contact bad;
(9) magneto rotor and boring;
(10) trigger coil surface with a lot of magnetic particle adsorption. 2. Ignition time early. Ignition time early can produce high voltage spark ignition to is rising compression piston great resistance, it not only influence acceleration performance. And can lead to engine is not easy to start, idle bad and accelerate knock cylinder wait for a phenomenon. Ignition time early reason mainly have the following:
(1) platinum clearance is too large;
(2) panel misadjustment;
(3) magneto rotor roll key.
3. Ignition time is too late, ignition time is too late for ignition time missed the best time outbreak, and to make flame in cylinders retention time long ting, not only directly influence the acceleration performance, but also can cause engine overheating, exhaust pipe shooting, sound boring wait for a phenomenon. Ignition time is too late reason mainly has:
(1) platinum gap is too small;
(2) panel misadjustment;
(3) preignition device work bad;
(4) magneto rotor roll key.

Three. Mechanical wish for

1, body propulsion running inertia bad fault phenomenon mainly include: remove from heat and neutral position, the operator to promote vehicle found that resistance is very big, in the operation of the motorcycle to take a lot of power, inevitably lead to accelerated weakness. Walk some operation inertia bad main reasons are:
(1) tire pressure is insufficient;
(2) before and after braking device reset bad;
(3) before and after wheel is not a straight line;
(4) the wheel bearing too close (such as without intermediate liner, in the process of the rotation of the wheels themselves locking wheels for inner bearing cap;
(5) drive chain or belt bind;
(6) tire friction body or car fork parts.
2. Other mechanical causes
(1) cylinder compression bad. Cylinder work leakage pressure, led directly to the getter capacity is abate, make suction in the cylinder of the mixed gas after dilute, in the compression stroke, outbreak trip can also cause cylinder gas leakage, reduce the working pressure, cause acceleration weakness. Cylinder compression bad original solid mainly include: piston, piston ring and cylinder serious wear, with the clearance is too large, or produce pull mark; Cylinder head leak; Valve leak; Spark plug mounting hole leakage.
(2) the four stroke engines distribution device working poor, into the exhaust valve clearance is too large or too small; , pneumatic time chaos; Valve spring break or soft; Valve bending, carbon deposit too much.
(3) clutch skid. Clutch after slipping the crankshaft torque can’t all transfer to transmission, cause acceleration weakness.
(4) the carburetor with speed limiter or YouMenXian free to ask too much space.
(5) small displacement two-stroke engine cylinder air exhaust muffler and produce a large number of carbon deposit and make the exhaust resistance increase;
(6) multi-cylinder engine lack of cylinder work or work is not uniform.
(6) caused by other reasons engine overheat (such as cooling mechanism work bad), overheated engine speed up difficulties.
(7) engine is cold or not are warming up for approval. (8) motorcycle oil pours too much (four stroke), make the engine running resistance increased, voice sink

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